11th week of pregnancy And pregnancy symptoms

11th week of pregnancy

All you need to know about the 11th week

During pregnancy, the amount of blood circulation in the body increases a lot. This extra blood circulation is essential for the growth of the fetus, but it also makes pregnant mothers feel extra tired; Many also have problems such as dizziness or headaches.  

In addition, as the size of the fetus increases, many people experience abdominal pain as a result of tension in the muscles or ligaments around it. 

There may also be other symptoms of pregnancy at this time. These include:

  • Feeling more tired than usual,
  • Mild pain or pressure on the breasts,
  • Getting a metallic taste in the mouth or not understanding the taste of the news, 
  • Nausea (morning sickness), 
  • Digestive problems and heartburn,
  • Headaches, 
  • Mood swings or frequent mood swings,
  • Significant changes in eating habits – sudden onset of a strong taste in a new food or an aversion to a favorite food,
  • The sense of smell is stronger than ever,
  • Dizziness,
  • Increased amount of diarrhea,
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, such as period pain,
  • Feeling of discomfort or bloating,
  • Spots on the skin.

Things to look out for

  • It is possible to reduce the risk of miscarriage or premature abortion by eliminating the habit of drinking extra tea and coffee during pregnancy. In addition, reducing caffeine intake reduces the risk of low birth weight babies. Therefore, one should be careful while drinking tea and coffee. 
  • The first ultrasonography scan is usually done within 6-14 weeks. This scan is also called ‘dating scan’ as it can calculate the probable date of delivery by looking at the growth of the fetus. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the week in which your dating scan will be done.
  • About 1,500 babies are born with Down Syndrome in our country every year. Therefore, if possible, a screening test should be done within the 10th to 14th week of pregnancy; These screening tests include ultrasonogram and some blood tests You can discuss this with your doctor at the time of your dating scan.

In addition, your doctor may suggest a special ultrasonography scan called ‘Anomaly Scan’ this week to find out if there are any birth defects in the fetus.

How the fetus is growing

The baby grows fast at this time. The placenta also develops very quickly. It is fully formed within 12 weeks.

The bones of the face are also formed at this time The eyelids are closed. It remains the same for the next few months. With the growth of small bud-like ears on both sides of the head, it now looks like a full-fledged ear. The baby’s head is about one-third the length of his whole body this week. However, the rest of the body continues to grow rapidly.

The body tends to straighten slowly from bending. The fingers and toes attached are separated and fingernails are formed. 

The baby starts to move its arms and legs inside the womb at this time, but the pregnant mother has not yet noticed this movement.

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