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21st week of pregnancy And pregnancy symptoms

Treatment For Constipation during pregnancy

Treatment For Constipation during pregnancy

21st week of pregnancy

What you need to know about the 21st week

During this time your stomach starts to grow fast. It can be difficult to keep pace with this extra body weight. As a result, there are more cases of inadvertent slipping and falling during this time. There is no reason to be too scared if it ever falls, because the baby in the womb is in a very secure position inside the amniotic sac. So usually the mother slips and falls but there is no harm to the fetus. However, if you feel the need, the injury is very severe, or abdominal pain or any other symptoms appear after the fall, you must seek medical attention. 

Many pregnant mothers have mild headaches at this time However, if you have a severe headache – which lasts for several hours continuously and does not go away with medication – then you must seek medical attention. It can be a symptom of a complex pregnancy problem called  ‘pre-eclampsia’

Other symptoms this week may include:

  • Stretch Marks
  • Get tired
  • Sleep problems
  • Swelling or bleeding gums,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • In some cases, mild bleeding from the nose, 
  • Flatulence and constipation,
  • Indigestion and heartburn,
  • Chest pain when pressed,
  • Leg pain,
  • Feeling uncomfortable or shortness of breath in mild or slightly hot weather,
  • Dizziness,
  • Watery or swollen limbs,
  • Inflammation or infection of the urinary tract,
  • Vaginal infections 
  • Spots on the skin of the face or other parts of the body,
  • In many cases, the hair on the head becomes thicker and blacker than before.

Things to look out for

  • At this time you may feel much more hungry than usual Try to get adequate balanced diet and drink enough water regularly.
  • You can also do regular light exercise. 

How the fetus is growing

This week your baby is about 26.6 centimeters or about 10 inches tall. At this time the baby weighs about 350 grams. 

Until then, the fetus weighed more than the baby, but now the baby weighs more than the placenta. During the rest of the pregnancy, both the placenta and the baby will grow in size, but the baby will grow faster than immortality.  

The baby’s whole body is covered with a kind of thin, soft fur called ‘lanugo’. The idea is that this fur helps maintain the right temperature in the baby’s body. This fur is present in the baby’s body only during pregnancy, usually before the baby is born. 

In addition, the hair on the baby’s head and eyebrows grow faster during this time. Some babies have full hair at birth, while others have no hair at all. This is usually not a cause for concern – it usually becomes normal within a year

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