27th week of pregnancy And pregnancy symptoms

27th week of pregnancy

What you need to know about the 27th week

At this point you may feel more tired than before. Frequent dizziness may also occur, especially when getting up suddenly from a sitting or lying position. So try to get up slowly from bed or sitting. 

At this time many people have a problem of snoring in their sleep. There is no reason to be ashamed or worried about it, nasal congestion is a very common and normal problem during pregnancy.

In addition to these, the other symptoms you may have this week are:

  • Stretch Marks
  • Swelling or bleeding gums,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Back pain,
  • Sleep problems
  • In some cases mild bleeding from the nose, 
  • Flatulence and constipation,
  • Indigestion and heartburn,
  • Chest pain when pressed,
  • Leg pain,
  • Feeling uncomfortable or shortness of breath in mild or slightly hot weather,
  • Dizziness or headache,
  • Watery or swollen limbs,
  • Inflammation or infection of the urinary tract,
  • Vaginal infections 
  • Spots on the skin of the face or other parts of the body.

Things to look out for

  • When sleeping during pregnancy, try to sleep on one side. Many people may have back or waist pain, indigestion or constipation due to lying on their back during this time. Studies have shown that lying on one side during this time is also helpful for the well-being of the fetus. 
  • Take great care when traveling during pregnancy. Try to refrain from traveling too far or making arduous journeys unnecessarily in the weeks ahead.

How the fetus is growing

At this time your baby is about 36.7 centimeters or about 14 and a half inches tall and weighs about 75 grams. 

The baby’s heartbeat is slightly lower than before (about 140 beats per minute), but still higher than the mother’s heartbeat. 

Most importantly, from this time on, the baby can breathe successfully with the help of its own lungs. In addition, the skin of his body has been a bit wrinkled for so long, but the fat gradually accumulates in the folds of the skin and now it becomes much smoother. From this time he also started dreaming in his sleep. 

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