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5 Weird Laws of Switzerland

5 Weird Laws of Switzerland

5 Weird Laws of Switzerland

5 Weird Laws of Switzerland

Switzerland, a piece of heaven on earth. It is a very popular destination for travelers. But there are some strange laws in this heaven. This is a country where condemning each other is somewhat of a pastime. Let’s know some strange laws of this country.

1) The toilet cannot be flushed after 10 pm

It is illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm in an apartment building in Switzerland. Because the government considers it as noise pollution. This may cause annoyance to the neighbors. Can disrupt people’s sleep time. This law is applicable from 10 pm to 6 am. Even locking car doors and wearing high heels after 10pm is illegal.

2) It is forbidden to dry clothes on Sunday

We working people don’t choose the weekend for housework. This includes washing clothes. But that is not possible in Switzerland. There is no way you can dry clothes outside on Sunday. According to the Homeowners Association, the law is made up. According to them, it doesn’t look good.

3) Caution in naming the child

The Swiss are very sensitive about the future of their children. In this country the name of the child has to be approved.

There are strict rules for naming children. Specifically, a name must clearly indicate the person’s gender.

4) Can’t cut grass on Sundays

In Switzerland, Sunday means idle time. The Swiss love to plant grass in their home lawns. But that grass cannot be cut on Sunday. It will be considered as a crime. Because it makes too much noise. Which is a cause of annoyance to others.

5) Keeping a pet is prohibited

Most people adopt animals to relieve loneliness. But what if pets get lonely on their own? In Switzerland, owning a pet is punishable by law. So, you have to feed two animals. It must be of their own species. Even if you want to breed guinea pigs, you need to keep more than one. The same law applies to buggies, llamas, horses and goldfish.

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