A day in Jagdal Bihar

A day in Jagdal Bihar

From Jaipurhat, I left the main road to leave the noise of the city and started walking on a slightly narrow but smooth road. A hundred-year-old Buddhist monastery awakens to tell its history anew in the midst of greenery. This temple covers a lot of places.

Naogaon Jagdal Vihar. Its location is in Dhamurhat Upazila of Naogaon District. Buddhist monasteries are actually believed to be Pala period structures. Viharas were sometimes established as places of worship, educational institutions, guest houses in different parts of each state. Students from different places used to study in these Bihars. Various religious rituals were observed. Eminent persons retired in the seclusion of these places while traveling from far and wide; It would have been a day or two.

This Jagdal Vihar is located in a relatively empty space in the middle of a rural town.

Among the green grass are small huts. On one side there is an empty space like a narrow door, on the other side this building is a place for students to stay. And there is a lot of space in the middle. There is like a high mound in between. In the middle of the small rooms around there was a common altar, where the teachers of that time used to teach the students.

Temples of ancient times were also used as schools. The practice of giving and receiving general and religious education at the same time existed from that early period. The entire Jagdal Bihar is clean. There is no dirt, no dirt, no waste or garbage anywhere.

With really great fondness, memories and pictures I started walking again. I started moving forward with a different feeling of seeing Bangladesh again.

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