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A day in the kingdom of red crabs at Cox’s Bazar

A day in the kingdom of red crabs at Cox's Bazar

A day in the kingdom of red crabs at Cox’s Bazar

A day in the kingdom of red crabs at Cox’s Bazar

When you quietly take a position on the beach, a bunch of red crabs will come out of the hole. They will notice your movements. After that, he will start running on all eight legs in the sand. The char will be colored in few minutes. This sight can be seen for miles around the Red Crab forage. The color of the body is red, they are called ‘red crabs’. And because of the settlement of red-bodied crabs, this place has been named ‘Red Crab’s Ground’. If you look at the char from a distance, it will seem that there are many red colored things sprinkled on it. It is like a kingdom colored by the color of the body.

Location of red crab feeding

Location of red crab char at Kuakata in Patuakhali district. Red crab migration in Andharmanic estuary from Khajura to Khalgora in Kuakata. This char can be seen at a short distance from Kuakata Zero Point. From Kuakata beach you have to go there by motorcycle. On the way you will meet the mouth of a small river. If you go by boat and go 15-20 minutes further by motorcycle, you will find red crab.

what you see

Red crabs are scattered in this pasture. They are drunk running around in the sand. This pasture is a wonderful rare sight. The eyes widen when you see it. Visitors are fascinated. At low tide, red crabs emerge from burrows in the sand. Stroll across the beach. Running, playing with each other. Visitors rush to see this wonderful rare race.

When the little red crabs run around, it seems like the whole island is covered with a red carpet. Which looks a little different from a distance. When the sun rises, they come out of the hole. Looking at the sun. They separate soil from sand. As you can see, the entire beach is a well-thought-out canvas of a skilled artist. As if Alpna’s paws are sitting in the meadow. 

Red crabs hide in holes when they hear the sound of people or motorcycles. As a result, the quest to see the red crab from the walking distance may remain incomplete. However, if you go to the motorcycle, you can clearly see the red crab. These crabs will stay in their holes as soon as you stop the motorcycle and approach them.

Travel Cost:

There are several buses on the Kuakata route from Dhaka’s Sayedabad and Gabtali. Those buses can reach Kuakata directly. The fare is from 600 to 800 taka. Apart from this, it can be brought by launch on the way to Kuakata. Single cabin fare is 1500 taka, double cabin 2600 taka. The rent per person is 300 taka. Get down from the launch and come to Kuakata by local transport. It will cost another 100 rupees.

Motorcycles are available for rent on the beach for visiting and traveling to Charer crabs. The fare will be 150 to 200 taka per person including transportation. And 30 taka per person for sale on the way. Bargaining can also be done.

Stay and eat

Hundreds of hotels and motels have been built to provide residential services to those arriving in Kuakata. Comfortable rooms starting from only 500 to 10 thousand taka are ready to serve the tourists. And there are multiple restaurants here to fulfill the food needs. In these restaurants, you will find a variety of sea fish and dried fish.


Red crabs cannot be seen at any time. These crabs cannot be seen during high tide. Must go at low tide. During the rainy season, if the beach is under water, it is difficult to see red crabs.

Many look forward to catching the red crab, chasing it. They are seriously injured. Someone is catching and killing. Due to these reasons, the survival of the red crab has been raised. So avoid disturbing them.

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