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Alamdanga Boddhovumi – আলমডাঙ্গা বধ্যভূমি

Alamdanga Boddhovumi

Alamdanga Boddhovumi

Alamdanga Boddhovumi

The Alamdanga Boddhovumi in Chuadanga district is known as a symbol of the brutal genocide of the Pak army in 1971. During the war of liberation Bengalis were brutally killed and buried in this slaughterhouse. Hundreds of human skulls and bones have been found in this massacre since the country became independent. In 2012, a memorial and complex was built at the Alamdanga massacre site to present the history of torture by the Pak army to the younger generation.

History has it that in 1971 there were military camps on both sides of the Red Bridge over the Kumar River. During the war of liberation, the Pak army first came to know about the decision to make Chuadanga as a temporary capital and increased the level of arson and torture on the common people of Chuadanga.

Later the swearing in ceremony of the caretaker government was held at Mujibnagar. At that time, the Pak army used to stop the trains passing through the Red Bridge at Alamdanga and Kalidaspur and take away the innocent passengers. They tortured and killed hundreds of men and women and buried their bodies. From the end of June 1971 to December 6, infernal torture and killings were carried out. During the war of liberation, near the boundary of Pak-Wapda building, there was a yellow evacuation room of Water Development Board, which was known as “Torture Cell”. The slaughterhouse complex was built at this place.

The walls of the Alamdanga massacre were designed by art students of Rajshahi University. Inside the slaughterhouse, the sculpture and museum of martyrs has an illustrated picture of the periodic history of the liberation war from 1857 to 1971. Every day, innumerable visitors from far and wide come to pay their respects at this place which is full of memories of the Liberation War.

How to get there

From Dhaka’s Gabtali and Sayedabad bus terminals, Chuadanga Deluxe, Royal, Purbasha, Meherpur, JR and Shyamoli Paribahan buses can be taken to Chuadanga at a cost of Rs 550. From Kamalapur railway station you can take the Sundarbans, Chitra and Benapole Express trains to Chuadanga. The fare of these trains will be 390 to 1390 rupees depending on the class and individual. After reaching Chuadanga district town, Alamdanga can be reached by Kushtia-bound bus. The Alamdanga massacre site is located near the Red Bridge in Kalidas Union, just 2 km from Alamdanga. Reaching Alamdanga, you can reach the Alamdanga slaughterhouse by any local transport or on foot.

Where to stay

Among the residential hotels located in Chuadanga district are Sundriel Hotel, Hotel Vacation, Hotel Al-Amin, Hotel Al Meraj, Antraj Residential Hotel, Prince Residential Hotel, Hotel Sonar Bangla and Hotel Surma.

Where to eat

Alamdanga has light tea, snacks or standard Bengali food. But you have to come to Chuadanga town for good food. The town of Chuadanga has a number of high quality restaurants adjacent to College Road. If you have a chance, you can eat the famous Kalipadera of Chuadanga.

Other places of interest in Chuadanga district

Other places of interest in Chuadanga include Meherun Shishu Park, Darshana, Police Park, At Kabar and Gholdari Shahi Mosque.

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