Alexander Meghnapar is addicted to travel

Alexander Meghnapar is addicted to travel

Curving embankment path. Big river ahead. Play the waves. boat dance Beneath the open sky, the rhythm of the waves echoing the boats, the fishermen catch hilsa. On the other hand, Mama Surya peeks through the darkness of the morning, Mama Surya does not forget to show her inner beauty by spreading light on the clear water of the river in the late afternoon. Sometimes the moon shines in the darkness of the night. With the vast river in front and the soulful air of the open sky, the wanderlust falls on the banks of the Alexander Meghna. Where every moment is lively, there is a gathering of nature lovers.

Alexander is a modern city of Ramgati Upazila of Lakshmipur district on the shores of Meghnati, a little away from Alexander Bazar. This embankment has been built around the city of Alexander along the banks of the Meghna. Originally, when the lives of the people in the region were threatened by the erosion of the Meghna, this three-and-a-half-kilometer embankment was built under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army. But no one thought that the embankment to prevent erosion would become a tourist area. Alexander Meghnati occupied the place of the best sightseeing place of the people of this district affected by river erosion.

Alexander Meghnapar should not have a place to hold moles during Eid-Utsav. This river bank is full of people walking around. Speedboats are arranged to make the journey more enjoyable for the visitors. One can take a speedboat ride in the estuary for a while at a small cost. If you look south from the banks of the Alexander Meghna, you will not see any sign of a town. The river goes south and merges directly into the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. That’s why the nature here is also beautiful. However, if you go south-west for an hour with a trawler from the banks of the Alexander Meghna, you will see the Bay of Bengal and the Char Ghazaria rising in the mouth of the Meghna. Many travelers come to visit this place.

Alexander Meghnatir is called Alexander Meghna Beach by locals. A different scene can be seen at the eastern end of this beach. Where there is a river, there is an embankment. And the Alexander to Noakhali Sonapur road runs along the side of these two. This is the view of the Marine Drive road along the Cox’s Bazar beach. Clear water of river, blue sky view, road, embankment. All together as one. Anyone running on the road can climb the embankment in no time and enjoy the breathtaking nature of the river bank. If you want, you can turn on the phone’s camera option and take a few selfies and return to the destination.

Many initiatives by the local representatives and administration to make such a mind-blowing view of Alexander River more attractive to tourists are also commendable. If you walk along the path of the embankment, you will notice umbrella-like shelters, zhaw trees planted on the side of the embankment, lamps of lampposts. Apart from this, there are various levels of law and order enforcement for added security to the tourists. When the night falls on the river bank, when the lamps of the lampposts are lit, another great scene is seen. The scene becomes even more beautiful when the moon illuminates the sky. Alexander Meghnati is always the meeting place of visitors morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night.

Alexander Meghnapar is now not only a place to satisfy the thirst of people of Lakshmipur district. Apart from Lakshmipur, the Alexander riverside is full of people from neighboring districts Noakhali and Feni, Comilla, Chandpur.

Warning for travelers

As the Alexander Meghnati is an embankment, you must be very careful. As the embankment is more of a sloping path, not straight. That, however, requires a lot of caution when walking along the embankment. But the upper part has a flat path. You can walk through there. And it is important to be careful when going down from the top of the embankment and climbing up from the bottom. Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not defile the fenced area in any way.

Where will you stay 

No residential hotel has yet been built in Char Alexander. Have to spend the night in the district town. Several quality guest houses have been built in the district town. There are also good quality residential hotels. Heritage Convention and Star Guest House in Bagbari and Sonar Bangla Residential Restaurant and Muktijoddha House in Chowk Bazaar are among them. In that case, your expenses will be one and a half to two thousand rupees.

Where to eat ?

You can have breakfast or dinner at the guest house. Since you will be visiting during the day, you can also have lunch at Alexander Bazaar or fresh hilsa at the Meghna River. And don’t forget to taste the authentic buffalo curd. If you want, you can bring hilsa from the riverside ghat and curd from the hotel or curd shop. As hilsa is fresh, curd is also pure. Hilsa and Dadhi are traditions of Lakshmipur district.

How will Alexander Meghnati go ? 

You can reach Meghnapad by road from Syedabad bus terminal in the capital Dhaka or by launch from Sadarghat launch terminal via Chandpur to Jhumur station in the district city, then by any vehicle on the Laxmipur-Ramgatti regional road, get down at Alexander and reach Meghnapad in front of the Upazila Parishad. But from Syedabad bus terminal directly goes to Sunflower or Himachal Alexander. If you go to launch, the cost will be 880 taka, and if you go by bus, the total cost will be 1 thousand 40 taka.

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