All Best Hotels & Resorts in Bandarban – Reviews, Rates & Booking information

All Best Hotels & Resorts in Bandarban : Reviews, Rates & Booking information

You must come to Bandarban to see the unique Bangladesh surrounded by high green hills. The highest peaks of Bangladesh, lakes, fountains, traditional religious places of worship, tourist centers are not here! Throughout the year, Bandarban is full of tourists.

It is not possible to visit all the attractions of Bandarban in a short time, so tourists often have to spend the night in Bandarban to enjoy the beauty. In today’s edition of the travel guide, I will know the name, location, fare, distance from the city and other necessary information of all resorts and hotels in Bandarban.


1. Sairu Hill Resort :
Located just 18 km from Bandarban district town, Sairu Hill Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts in Bangladesh. On the way to Chimbuk Hills from Bandarban, you will see this wonderful resort. With its aesthetic design, natural surroundings and essential amenities, Sairu Hill Resort is a heartwarming feature.

If you want to stay overnight in Premier, Executive, Sangu View and Sangu View cottages at Sairu Hill Resort, you have to spend 11,000 to 21,000 taka. And if luck is good, you can get discount benefits at different rates.
Contact: 01531-411111
Facebook page:

2. Nilgiri Hill Resort:
The Nilgiri Hill Resort managed by the Bangladesh Army has been built on the Nilgiri Hills at about 2,400 feet above sea level. You can enjoy the wonderful experience of seeing Jyotsna at night from this neat and tidy resort. Apart from this, the white clouds flying around will surely enchant you.

Nilgiri Hill Resort has a total of 8 small and big cottages named Meghdoot, Akashleena, Marma, Inchaya, Ikhiai, Maruipre, Maruiphong, Nilanjana. And to stay in the cottages you have to spend 8000 rupees. As the Nilgiri resorts are attractive to everyone, rooms are usually not available unless booked a month in advance, especially during holidays, it is almost impossible to get a room without prior booking.

Nilgiri Cortez Booking Contact:
Petro Aviation 69/2, Level-4, Road-7/A,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Phone: 01769-299999

3. Nilachal Nilambori Resort:
Nilachal Tourist Center situated just six kilometers from the district town of Bandarban is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bandarban. Nilachal tourist center situated at an altitude of about 1600 feet above sea level overlooks the Sangu River and the distant city of Bandarban. Besides, you can touch the clouds here in all seasons.

Nilachal Nilambari Resort is made for overnight stay in Nilachal tourist center. While general tourists are allowed to stay at Nilachal Tourist Center only till sunset, Nilachal is open all the time for resort guests. Nilachal Nilambari Resort has six rooms in three cottages and all are couple rooms. If you want, you can take advantage of extra bed in exchange of money. The rent of each room at Neelachal Nilambari Resort is 3 thousand rupees.

Phone: 01551-444000, 01770-232625

4. Hotel Hilton:
Hotel Hilton can be the ideal place for those who want to stay close to Bandarban city. Adjacent to Bandarban city bus stand, this hotel is very clean and tidy. Rooms in this hotel with huge bed rooms are available for 1000 to 4000 taka.

Officers Club, Islampur Road, Bandarban. Post Code – 4600
Phone: 01747-626111, 01551-712111

5. Hotel Night Heaven (Hotel Night Heaven):
Hotel Night Heaven is built near Meghla tourist center just 5 km from Bandarban city. Equipped with all modern amenities, this hotel has free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, welcome drinks and complimentary breakfast and rent a car. Also, Hotel Night Heaven has the facility to host any event or seminar for a maximum of 50 people.



AC, non-AC, standard twin non-AC, four bed non-AC and suite etc. if you want to stay in any of the 5 category rooms, the rent will be from 2200 taka to 5500 taka.

Phone: 01876-000444, 01875-000444
Dhaka Office:
Plot-16, Road-1/A, Sector-13, Uttara, Dhaka -1230
Phone: 01858-938273

6. Holiday Inn Resort (Holiday Inn Resort):
Located on the top of a hill near Meghla Tourist Complex, the Holiday Inn Resort is surrounded by small hills and beautiful natural lakes. Besides, this resort located near Meghla is easy to reach as the distance from Bandarban city is short.

Holiday Inn Resort lake view room, honeymoon cottage or family cottage room rent from 3000 to 7000 taka.

Phone: 0361-62896, 01553-325347

7. Green Peak Resorts (Green Peak Resorts):
After half a kilometer beyond the Meghla Tourist Complex, which is 4 kilometers away from Bandarban city, one can see the Green Peak Resort built in the lap of green nature. Air-conditioned rooms equipped with modern and essential amenities, swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant and quality hospitality services of the resort have made Green Peak Resort nationally and internationally acclaimed.

If you want to stay in this resort, ideal for spending time in the lush greenery, it will cost from 3500 to 5500 taka.

Meghla (Opposite to TTC), Bandarban
Dhaka: 02-8714395, 01758-554466, 01793-339222
Bandarban: 0361-62393, 01845-776633

8. Milonchori Hillside Resort:
If you go 4 km along the road from Bandarban to Chimbuk, you will find Hillside Resort at Milanchari. Hillside Resort’s architectural style and aesthetic of presentation give the resort its unique character. The play of greenery across the horizon and the flowing Sangu river easily lulls the mind of the nature-loving tourists into a wonderful tranquility. Besides, if you want to eat popular authentic tribal food of Bandarban, you can definitely visit this resort.

900 taka per person for overnight stay of 6 to 10 people in the dormitory of Hillside Resort. Apart from this, the rent of other AC, non-AC rooms of the resort ranges from Tk 2500 to Tk 5600. But if you book a room here, you don’t have to worry about traveling from Bandarban city to the resort.

Dhaka Office : 01730-045054
Bandarban Office: 01730-045050

9. Fanush Resort (Fanush Resort):
Fanus Resort, built near Neelachal, the famous mountain girl of Bangladesh, is located 4 km from Bandarban city. This chicly decorated resort catches the attention of travelers at first sight.

You have to spend from 1750 to 4000 rupees for overnight stay in different categories of rooms of Fanus Resort in the proximity of nature at the foot of the hill.

Phone: 01845-779999

10. Hotel Plaza Bandarban (Hotel Plaza Bandarban):
Hotel Plaza Bandarban can be the right choice for you if you want to stay in the heart of Bandarban city in a quiet environment. With its own restaurant facility, the hotel has a 100-seat conference hall, bar bq and complimentary breakfast facilities.
You can stay in different categories of rooms in Hotel Plaza Bandarban for 1500 to 6500 rupees. There is also the facility of extra beds for a fee.

Bandarban Office:
Tel : 0361-63252
Mobile : 01678-060107, 01678-060273
Chittagong Office:
Tel: +88-031-2512563-65,
Mobile : 01678-060142, 01678-060124
Dhaka office:
Telephone: 88-02-8837237/8837238

11. Hill Palace Resort (Hill Palace Resort):
From Bandarban city, you can reach Hill Palace Resort by going 4 km along the Chittagong-Bandarban highway. One can choose Hill Palace Resort to enjoy the hilly beauty and cloudy scenery of Bandarban. And you can enjoy the taste of your favorite food in the multicuisine of the resort.

Hill Palace Resort AC, Non-AC room types need to spend between Tk 2000 to Tk 5000 for rent.
Phone: 01988-330000

12. Venus Resort (Venus Resort):
Venus Resort has 5 modern cottages on a hilltop very close to the Meghla tourist center of Bandarban. This resort is decorated with small and large sculptures as a sign of art and creativity in the midst of unique nature. And the restaurant of Venus Resort has a variety of local and foreign food arrangements.

Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Couple Bed, Suite Room, Twin Bed (AC Cottage), Cottage Suite etc. categories are available in Venus Resort. To book any one of these categories you have to spend from 3800 to 15000 taka.

Phone: 01552-808000

13. Hotel Hill Queen (Hotel Hill Queen):
Centrally located in Bandarban city, Hotel Hill Queen offers VIP support and medical services. Apart from this, Hotel Hill Queen has its own transport facility with conference room and 24 hours electricity facility. Another popular residential hotel in Bandarban is Hilton and Hotel Hill Queen run by the same ownership.

To rent a room for one night at Hotel Hill Queen, you have to spend from 1200 to 7000 rupees.

Phone: 01912-782398, 01838-970754

14. Hotel Hill View (Hotel Hill View):
Bandarban’s largest residential hotel Hill View has been built next to the bus stand at the entrance to Bandarban main city. Hotel Hill View has Wi-Fi facilities, private transportation, medical services and conference rooms.

If you want to stay overnight at Hotel Hill View, you have to pay room rent for each night from 1500 to 4000 taka depending on the room.

Phone: 01828-866000, 0361-62035, 0361-62045

15. Forest Hill Resort (Forest Hill Resort):
Forest Hill Resort located on Milan Chari Road continues to cherish the charm of nature. Located just 3 km from Bandarban city, this resort also has transportation facilities, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, mountain view balcony and in-room coffee making facilities.

If you want to spend a night in any of the deluxe suite, deluxe cottage, family suite, super deluxe cottage of Forest Hill Resort, you have to spend 3000 to 10,000 rupees.

Phone: 01716-406123, 01865-246101, 01816-158412

16. Bono Nibas Hill Resort:
Apoorva Bon Niwas Hill Resort has been developed near Milon Chari on Bandarban-Thanchi Road. Ban Niwas Hill Resort is only 3 km from Bandarban city.


Bon Nibas Hill Resort’s Bambo, Dhanesh, Jonaki, Mathura, Manpura, Nibas, Nauko Deluxe and Nauko categories for room rent range from Tk 2500 to Tk 6000 per night.

Phone: 01725-159415, 01624-847411

17. Hotel River View (Hotel River View):
Hotel River View has been built along the banks of the Sangu river that flows through the city of Bandarban. The hotel can enjoy the beauty of Bandarban city and Sangu River from the rooms and rooftops.

If you want to book any of the different types and quality rooms of Hotel River View, you have to spend from 1600 to 6000 rupees.

Phone: 0361-62707, 01733-115585, 01731-112757

18. Parjatan Motel:
This tourist motel in Bandarban has a beautiful landscape of mountains and lakes within walking distance from Meghla tourist center. The distance of this motel from Bandarban city is only 4 km. Other amenities of the tourist motel include 100 seater conference room, breakfast and extra bed facility for a fee.

To rent a room per night in a tourist motel, depending on the type of room, you have to spend from 1500 to 5400 taka.

Phone: 0361-62741, 0361-62742, 01991-139026, 01991139548

19. Hotel Green Land (Hotel Green Land):
Hotel Greenland is located near Post Office in Bandarban city. Those who want to stay in a city environment and at a low cost can easily choose this hotel. Other facilities at Hotel Greenland include conference rooms, generator service, medical services, security and transportation.

If you want to spend the night at Hotel Greenland, you have to spend a minimum of 1500 to a maximum of 3000 taka.

Phone: 01845-995575

20. Hotel Four Star (Hotel Four Star):
Hotel Four Star located near Janata Bank in Bandarban Bazar is popular for cheap overnight stay. You can opt for this mid-range residential hotel to keep your travel expenses low. One night stay in this hotel will require room rent from 1000 to 3000 taka.

Phone: 0361-62466, 01553-421089

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