Andamanik is a strange village

Andamanik is a strange village

Andamanik is still a dark village. Once upon a time the main river Meghna existed in Andaman. People from the fishing community used to ride their boats on the waves. He used to hunt silver hilsa. Meghna river does not exist in that Andaman. In the face of severe erosion, the Meghna river changes its speed and moves to the other side. 79 years ago a char was created on the river bed. At the beginning of the Charati awakening, there were not many human settlements. But gradually when the grassland becomes suitable for human settlement and the grassland becomes habitable for humans, then people start living in this grassland. A new horizon of human life began in Andaman. The life of the people of this village is much more difficult than the people of other areas.

Andaramanik village is located in Tewariganj Union of Lakshmipur district headquarters on Meghna coast. The darkness of the inner world is not going away. The journey of this pastoral civilization with the people of agriculture, fishermen, day laborers, shepherds community. Mainly pastoralist farming, fishing and rearing of cattle like cattle and buffaloes choose Andamanik as the main area of ​​livelihood. With the passage of time, the amount of human settlement also increases in this area. Through Methopath and Sanko, the communication system of this Char with other regions was once established. Despite being a backward town, Charti became a shelter for people who lost their houses due to river erosion, landless and poverty-stricken people. Locals don’t know why the char has been named Andarmanik. But they said that the char has enough similarities with the naming.

Everything you can see in Andaman

A different type of diverse village is called Andarmanik. The traditional beauty of village-Bangla is a unique form of the Andaman village. When you set foot in the village of Andamanik, you can see the path running through the crop fields, the new settlements of people, the cultivation of rice, soybeans, chili and other crops, the wide green fields, the view of fishing with nets from the small houses made of straw, the unique beauty of the bill submerged in water during the monsoons. Or different species of green trees standing on the side of the road. The houses of the people of the village are currently tin sheds and half-baked. Apart from that, the people of the village have now developed fish projects as individual initiatives, the trend of poultry farming can also be observed among the youth.

How to go to Andamanik

If you go by road, you have to get off at Jhumur station in Lakshmipur city from Syedabad bus terminal in capital Dhaka. If you go by water, you have to launch from Sadarghat launch terminal via Chandpur and get off at the same place. From there you will go down to Torabganj on Lakshmipur-Ramgatti regional road using CNG. Then from Torabganj to the east is the house of the Dept. Andamanik can be found just one kilometer north from Deep’s house. If you go to the launch, it will cost a total of 760 taka; And if you go by bus by road, the total travel cost will be 860 taka. However, if you take a cabin on the launch, the cost may be a little higher. In that case, a cabin is 500 taka.

where to stay

Several guest houses of good quality have been developed in Lakshmipur district town. There are two residential hotels of superior quality. Bagbari’s Heritage Convention and Star Guest House and Chowkbazar’s Sonar Bangla Residential Restaurant and Muktijoddha House are among them. In that case, you have to calculate the cost of one and a half thousand to two thousand rupees.

Where to eat ?

Meals are usually provided in guest houses. Still there are few hotels in the district town. They are – Rajmahal Hostel and Chinese Restaurant, Rahmania Hotel, Hotel Noor Jahan and Hotel Mohammadia. You will get all the food you like in these hotels.


As Andamanik is a backward town, you must follow several precautions. The road to Andamaniac is a general thoroughfare. During the monsoons, the paths become slippery. Care must be taken when riding a bike or walking. Large vehicles cannot go to Andaman. CNG driven auto rickshaws also require caution. And you have to return from Andamanik before evening. Otherwise there may be fear of losing direction. And it is better if you take a guide. All in all, have an exciting trip.

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