Aparup Gulbunia Payarapar

Aparup Gulbunia Payarapar

Avillage full of shadows. On the way to the village, you will see the beautiful greenery. You will see huge banyan trees, crop fields and many other things. Such a scene can be seen in more or less every village. However, in addition to these, something special can be seen in this village. The name of the village is Gulbunia. This village is only eight kilometers away from the municipal town of Barguna Sadar Upazila. The main attraction of this village is the Pyara River flowing along it. If you go to Gulbunia, you will see the amazing beauty of Pramatta Pyra. Besides, the fishing activities of hundreds of fishermen on the banks of the river.

The original name of Payra river is Burishwar. The length of this river is 90 km. The width of the river varies from place to place. The width of this river is about one kilometer on the coast of Gulbunia. The river leaves Gulbunia and flows a little further south to the Bay of Bengal. And so, wave and tidal pressure makes Gulbunia vulnerable to erosion. A block-dam has been built on the bank of Gulbunia to save the village from that erosion. That dam has now become one of the most satisfying food for the wanderlust.

Locals named this place ‘Barguna St Martin ‘ . Local nature lovers constantly rush here to get oxygen in the open air. When a guest comes to Barguna, they visit the place at least once. Another upazila of Barguna is ‘Taltali ‘ across the river . Many people go to Gulbuniya with trawlers even from Taltali. Gulbunia has recently become a favorite place for the people of this district. And so the newlyweds or lovers come out from Gulbunia’s Payarapar when they have time together. Gulbunia’s Pyarapar is witness to some of the most beautiful moments of life. Many people rush there to celebrate their birthday with two or four people. This is one of the best places to watch the sunset while standing on the banks of the river. In the light of the sunset, the visitors paint their minds in the colors of dreams.

Travel: From Dhaka’s Sayedabad or Gabtali, you can go directly to Barguna by bus for 600 to 700 Tk. Or you can go to Barguna by launch. In this case, the cabin rent for two is 2200 taka and the cabin rent for one is 1200 taka. If you call, the rent will be 200 taka. Then by local transport to the destination. But yes, going to Barguna just to see Gulbunia will leave a void in your trip. So go to Barguna by planning a trip of at least two-three days. Like Gulbunia, visit Baliatli Payarapar, Patharghata Upazila’s Haringhata forest, Laldia, the middle char and Tulurchar between the Bishkhali River, Bibichini Mosque of Betagir, Taltali’s Sonakata Ecopark, Shubosandhya Beach, Rakhine Para and many more. And for staying there are several residential hotels in Barguna.

Although the public life has come to a standstill due to Corona. That ray fell in the sights. Several places of interest in Payarapar have become lonely due to the effect of Corona. And the nature has arranged itself according to its own desire to keep the human pressure low. Welcome to the wonderful world of green Gulbunia of Payarapar.

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