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Asgar Ali Hospital Doctor List, Doctor Appointment And Hotline Contact Number

Asgar Ali Hospital Doctor List, Doctor Appointment And Hotline Contact Number


111/1/A Distillery Road, Gandaria (Besides Dhupkhola Playground)
Dhaka-1204, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802 47443135-48
Cell Phone: +8801787683333
Fax: +88 02 47443149
Hotline: 10602

Asgar Ali Hospital Doctor List, Doctor Appointment And Hotline Contact Number

Dr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Consultant
Education: MBBS (DMC), MD-Card (NICVD), FACC (USA)
Specialist: Clinical & Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Abdullah Al Jamil Consultant
Qualification: MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD-Card (DU), FCAPSC (Singapore)
Fellow Interventional Cardiology (India), Trained in EPS & RFA (India)
Expertise: Interventional Cardiology & Heart Rhythm

Dr. Somayra Nasreen
Qualification: FCPS (Paediatrics), Fellow in Paediatric Cardiology (AIMS, India)
Trained in Fetal Cardiology (India)
Associate Counsellor – Paediatric Cardiology

Dr. Khondoker Asaduzzaman
Qualification: MBBS, DTCD, AFACC (USA), MD (Cardiology)
Visiting Counsellor: Clinical & Interventional Cardiology

Asgar Ali Hospital Dermatologist venereology doctor’s List

Dr. Arifa Billah Shafiq
Qualification: MBBS (AFMC, Dhaka), MD in Dermatology & VD (BSMMU)
Specialist: Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dr. Mosharraf Ahmed Khasru
Qualification: MBBS (Dhaka), Diploma in Dermatology (Thailand & Japan)
Fellowship Training in Laser & Cutaneous Surgery (Bangkok)
Specialist: Skin, Sex & Allergy Specialist
Expertise: Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dr. Fahim Feroz
Qualification: MBBS, DCD (UK), MSc, Clinical Dermatology (UK)
Expertise – Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dietetics and Nutrition Doctors of Asgar Ali Hospital

Ms. Shaila Sabrin
M. Phil (Nutrition & Food Science- DU)
MS (Food & Nutrition- DU), B. Sc (Food & Nutrition- DU)
Senior Dietitian
Chamber: Asgar Ali Hospital
Phone: +8802 47443135-48
Cell Phone: +8801787683333

ENT, Head and Neck Surgery doctors at Asgar Ali hospital

Prof. Dr. Zahedul Alam
Qualification: MBBS, DLO, MS (ENT)
Specialist: ENT, Head & Neck Surgery
Chamber: Asgar Ali Hospital
Cell Phone: +8801787683333

Diabetes and Internal Medicine doctor

Doctor Name: Prof. Dr. MD. Abdul Mannan
Qualification: MBBS, ECFMG (USMLE), MRCP (UK)
Expertise: Diabetes & Internal Medicine
Hospital chamber: Asgar Ali Hospital

Asgar Ali Hospital (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

Dr. Quazi Abdullah Al Masum
Qualification: MBBS (DMC), MD (Gastroenterology)
FCPS (Medicine)
Specialist: Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Dr. Utpal Das Gupta
Qualification: MD (Moscow), FCPS (Medicine)
MD (Hepatology)
Associate Counsellor – Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Asgar Ali Hospital Hematology Doctors

Prof. Dr. Manzur Morshed
Education and Qualification: MBBS, FCPS, MRCP (UK)
Specialist: Ex-Bone Marrow Transplant

Asgar Ali Hospital Internal Medicine Doctor’s list

Dr. A B M Sarwar-E-Alam
Education: MBBS, FCPS (Internal Medicine)
Qualification – Internal Medicine

Prof. Dr. A. K. M. Mokhlesuzzaman
Education and Qualification: MBBS (DMC), MCPS (Internal Medicine)
D-Card (BSMMU), MRCP (Ireland), Trained in Medicine (UK)
Specialist: Internal Medicine

Dr. Samira Yasmeen Ahmed
Education and Qualification: MBBS (MMC), MBA (USA)
MD (Internal Medicine Board Certified, USA)
Expertise – Internal Medicine

Asgar Ali Hospital Nephrology Doctor list

Prof. Dr. Nurul Islam
Education: MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edinburgh)
Specialist: Nephrology

Prof. Dr. Md. Masum Kamal Khan
Qualification: MBBS (DMC), FCPS (Medicine), MD (Nephrology)
Specialist: Nephrology

Dr. Ferdous Kamal Bhuiyan
Qualification: MBBS (DMC), MD (Nephrology)
Specialist: Nephrology

Neurology doctor list of Asgar Ali Hospital

Prof. Dr. Nirmalendu Bikash Bhowmik
Qualification: MBBS, MD (Neurology)
Specialist: Neuromedicine

Dr. Md. Nazmul Huda
QualificationMBBS (DMC), MD (Neurology)
Specialist: Neuromedicine

Dr. Ahsan Habib Helal
QualificationMBBS, MD (Neurology)
Visiting Counsellor – Neuromedicine

Neurosurgery doctor list of Asgar Ali hospital

Prof. Dr. Md. Waheeduzzaman
Qualification: MBBS, FCPS, WHO Fellow (Singapore)
Specialist – Neurosurgery

Dr. Mahboob-E-Haseeb Shahryar Sabet
Qualification: MBBS, ECFMG, FCPS (Surgery)
Visiting Specialist – Neurosurgery

Obstetric Gynae Doctor Asgar Ali Hospital

Prof. Dr. Atika Begum
Specialist: Obstetric, Gynae and Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Ferdousi Chowdhury
Qualification: MBBS, DGO, FCPS
Specialist: Obstetric, Gynae and Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Saida Akter Associate
Qualification: MBBS, MS (DU; Birdem Academy)
Specialist: Obstetric & Gynae

Dr. Khodeza Tul Kobra
Qualification: MBBS, MCPS, DGO, FCPS
Visiting Specialist – Obstetric & Gynae

Dr. Pervin Akter
Qualification: MBBS, FCPS (Obstetrics & Gynae)
BCS (Health)
Visiting Counsellor – Obstetric & Gynae

Prof. Dr. Arzu Manth Ara Begum
FCPS (Obstetrics & Gynae)
Visiting Consultant: Obstetrics & Gynae

Dr. Shamsun Nahar Sapna
Qualification: MBBS, BCS (Health), MCPS, FCPS
Visiting Counsellor: Obstetric & Gynae

Oncology Doctor of Asgar Ali Hospital

Prof. Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman Ansary
Qualification: MBBS, DMRT
Counsellor: Oncology
Visiting Chamber: Asgar Ali Hospital

Opthalmology doctors of Asgar Ali Hospital

Dr. Tamal Kanti Roysarkar
Qualification: MBBS (Kolkata), MS (PGI, Chandigarh)
FMRF (Fellowship in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Chennai)
Specialist: Ophthalmology

Dr. Mohammad Arifur Rahman
Qualification: MBBS, DCO, MCPS, FRCS (UK)
Counsellor: Ophthalmology

Asgar Ali Hospital Orthopaedic Doctors list

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Iqbal Qavi
Qualification: MBBS, D. Ortho, MS (Ortho)
Visiting Advisor: Orthopaedic Surgery

Prof. Dr. Major Abdul Mannan (Retd.)
Qualification: MBBS, PGC (Surgery), MS (Ortho)
Fellow-Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery, India
Counsellor: Orthopaedic, Trauma & Spine Surgery

Dr. Md. Mustafiz M. Rahman
Qualification: MBBS (DMC), FRCS (UK), FACS (USA)
Expertise: Orthopaedic, Trauma & Spine Surgery

Asgar Ali Hospital Paediatrics Doctor list

Prof. Dr. Zabrul SM Haque
Specialist: Paediatrics, Neonatology, PICU & NICU

Dr. Nasim Jahan (Jesy)
Specialist: Paediatrics

Dr. Major (Retd) Taslima Ferdous
Specialist: Paediatrics

Dr. Jubaida Rumana
Specialist – Paediatrics

Dr. Md. Kabir Alam
Consultant: Paediatric

Respiratory Medicine doctor of Asgar Ali Hospital

Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud
Qualification: MBBS, DTCD, Ph.D (Japan)
Specialist: Respiratory Medicine

Urology and Andrology Doctor list

Dr. M. A. Zulkifl
Qualification: MBBS (DMC), FCPS, FRCS (England)
Specialist: Urology, Andrology & Transplant Surgery

Dr. Md. Kamal Pasha
Qualification: MBBS, FCPS
Expertise: Laser and Endourology Specialist
Counsellor: Urology & Andrology

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