Bagha Mosque surrounded by green shade

Bagha Mosque surrounded by green shade

Destination Bagha Mosque. The centuries old Bagha Mosque has never been seen before. There are tigers on our travel route. And I was thrilled to know the ancient Bagha Mosque. But as soon as the bikes started running in Bagha upazila, there was a lot of jam, many people, lots of cars, dusty, dirty environment, market and the heat was disappearing.

I somehow pushed through the crowd of people in the busiest market of Bagha and entered with the bike. But there is also a huge crowd, people are crowded. Some parts of the old red brick structure can be seen a little higher up in the bazaar. The establishment is again surrounded by walls. But not seeing the entrance or the gate, I asked someone again. He showed the entrance.

I had a wonderful, strange and fascinating time. Surrounded by tree-covered mosques, the cool shade of palm trees, soft carpets like green velvet, rustling breezes, gurgling water fountains, red brick buildings with hundreds of years of history and traditions, Bagha Mosque is a wonderful place of tranquility.

The centuries-old brick walls are strong despite being covered with moss. After the entrance, there is a fine carpet of green shaded by palm trees on one side, and a thick cover of various trees on the other side, where a gentle breeze is always blowing, giving peace to all who are praying. After crossing the wall and passing the side garden, there is a big pond. Where the soft air with the swaying water has created a peaceful atmosphere.

After spending a lot of time, I made my way to Lalpur in Natore, the hottest upazila of Bangladesh. Banedi Bagha Mosque, bearing witness to history and tradition, gave a great happy memory and beautiful feeling surrounded by shadows.

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