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The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Bangkok is a vibrant city located on the banks of the Freya River, very close to the Gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is also known as the colorful city. And so to make this colorful city come alive, the traveling Pipasura always put the bank on their list of favorites.

Places of interest in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok has a lot to offer. E.g.-

Grand Palace: This palace is one of the most popular places in Thailand. The palace has been the official building of the King and Royal Court of Thailand since 182. You have to go by boat here. While going by boat, the beauty of the Grand Palace is strangely beautiful.

Wat Arun: This Buddhist temple in Bangkok is also known as “The Temple of Dawn”. The temple extends across the Chao Phraya River, opposite the Grand Palace. The Prothom-alo of the morning reflects on this strangely beautiful setting, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Wat Phra Kaiyo: This Buddhist temple is known as the holiest temple to the people of Bangkok, Thailand. Located inside the Grand Palace, Watfra Kaiyo has a special kind of dark green Buddhist temple which is a major attraction for all tourists.

Floating Market: A major attraction of Bangkok is the floating market. People who go to the bank and do not go to the floating market may not be found. The trade is going on here by arranging various kinds of products in wooden boats.

Wat Pho: This is another interesting Buddhist temple. This temple is considered to be the birthplace of traditional Thai massage in Bangkok.

Lumphini Park: Lumphini Park is a place for quiet nature lovers to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Apart from visiting here, tourists will also like the beautiful environment of the artificial lake.

Chinatown or Yowarat Road: People will hear about this Chinatown in Bangkok. Another town in the city is Chinatown. There are various entertainment facilities to enjoy and have fun.

Bangkok National Museum: The largest Thai museum in Southeast Asia. The museum’s archives are so large that anyone who looks around can see the half-day spent in the museum and never know when that time will pass.

Chatuchak Weekly Bazaar: There are about 15,000 shops in this market. And here you will find a variety of things to do, ranging from a variety of artwork to shopping.

Bangkok Safari World: This safari park is a wildlife sanctuary in an open environment. However, you must take the time in hand to see the whole safari world in a good way.

Also, if you have time, you can visit places like Bangkok Dream World, Ocean World, Madame Tussauds Museum.

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How to get to Bangkok

There are several airlines flying from Dhaka to Bangkok. You can choose any one of your choice from Air Asia, Lion Thai Air, Knock Air.

In case of air travel, Thai Airways has to land at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport from Dhaka. From Chittagong Airport, you can also go to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. In that case, you have to reach Shah Amanat Airport from Chittagong. From there, land at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport. After immigration, you can take a taxi to Bangkok. However, domestic flights are more frequent at Don Muang Airport, so everyone travels to Bangkok more at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Bangkok travel costs

Metro rail, sky train, boat and motorcycle services are very good for getting from one place to another inside the city. The cost of going to and from Bangkok by plane is around 11000-15000 rupees per person. And if you book a plane ticket in advance and stay at a low cost hotel, all in all, if you go to Bangkok alone, it will cost around 35000-36000 rupees per person. However, if you share the cost of accommodation, travel and food in a group, the overall cost will be a little less. In that case, if 7/8 people match, it will be between 26000-30000 rupees. However, personal expenses and shopping expenses are different.

Where to stay in the bank

There are many types of hotels to stay in Bangkok. However, the price may be higher or lower as a place. There are several hotels along the Chao Phraya River, such as the Oriental Hotel (one of Bangkok’s most famous hotels), the Sangri La Hotel, the Peninsula Hotel, the Lebua State Tower, and the Novo City Hotel. The cost of staying here is a bit high but many people prefer to stay in these hotels for the beauty of the surroundings and the extra facilities of the hotel. The rent for one room for two will be 12000-18000 rupees. There are also a number of hotels outside the Bangkok commercial building where you can stay. Such as- City Lodge Bangkok, Somerset Park, Suanplu, Emerald Hotel etc. The cost for a double room here will be up to 4500-6000 rupees.
You will also find some good hotels in locations like Pat Pong, Sokumbhit, Soy Cowboy and Nana Plaza. For example, Grand President, Ambassador Hotel Bangkok. If you do a little bargaining in the hotels here, you can stay between 1500-2500 rupees.

Where to eat in the bank

Bangkok has world-famous “McDonald’s” and “KFC”. And in these chain food shops you can find many favorite foods including chicken fry, burgers. Original Chinese and Thai cuisine is more popular in Bangkok. There are many types of street food available on the side of the road. Although the names of the foods are a bit strange, you can try the foods to get a taste of a slightly different type of food. Examples include Tom Young Kung (a type of soup made with nickel milk, raw peppers, lemon grass, mushrooms and shrimp), Steam Rice with Greenhole Peppercorn (a mixture of white rice with raw papaya, mango, lemon juice and pepper). This type of salad should be eaten with green or red chicken curry), pla pao (fish barbecue), khao moon guy (steamed chicken with white rice). You can also eat Mango Sticky Rice, Coconut Ice Cream. There are also various known and unknown fruits. Such as- Rose Apple, Mangosteen. Hosts will find halal food at some of Bangkok, Sign 11, Secumvit, Arab and Turkish food sign 3, 4, 5 and MBK food court stores. And if you want to eat Bengali food, get on the Sky Train from Siam Paragon and you will find several Bengali restaurants at various stations.

Off to Thailand: Bangkok-Phuket is again bustling for Indian airlines


Bangkok Indra Market (much like New Market in Dhaka), MBK Market (prices are a bit higher here), Chatukchak Bangkok Market, Platunum (you can shop here quite cheaply), Big C, Chinatown. Bags, sandals and various types of jewelry for girls. Again there are several shops opposite the Siam Center. “Robinson” is good for buying things for boys.

Special attraction of Bangkok

Bangkok has a special spa for tourists. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Bangkok at night, you can go to Chinatown, Bangla Road and Khao Sun Road. Bangkok has a variety of entertainment facilities for adults.

Some tips for traveling to Bangkok

  • When traveling abroad, it is better to buy a plane ticket a month in advance, as it costs less. Many times the airlines offer discounts on different occasions, in which case it is possible to reduce the cost.
  • The hotel can be booked in advance. This will allow you to book good quality hotels at low prices considering the time and place.
  • You can go to many places by renting a motorcycle to the bank. Which will keep your travel expenses under control.
  • Pay your travel tax before you travel.
  • The currency of Bangkok is the baht. Dollars or money must be exchanged in advance. However, if you plan to go to Phuket without exchanging from the airport, then you can get a better rate by going to Phuket and converting to Dollar Bath.
  • If you want to take dollars with you, it is better to endorse the dollars, then you will not have any problem while checking.
  • When you arrive in Bangkok, you should pay attention to the internet package when buying a SIM because the internet balance is more important than the mobile balance to communicate in the country.
  • Traveling by Sky Train or Boat will reduce the cost while gaining a different experience.

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