Bangladesh’s Bear Grylls ‘Adventure Man’ Salman

Bangladesh’s Bear Grylls ‘Adventure Man’ Salman

Shishir Salman is addicted to traveling in remote mountains, forests and exciting environment. He saw fair load. If you look, you will find that you have pitched a tent in a remote area, are lying in the bottomless forest, or are looking for a way to survive while fighting the inclement weather. And he not only travels around these remote areas, but also captures them on camera and gives everyone an opportunity to see them. And that is why he has become an adventure man.

Salman captured the culture, religion, manners, environment and conditions of the residents of different areas on camera. In this way, viewers can learn about Salman’s various experiences sitting at home. In the meantime, Salman’s team adventure man’s great thrilling experience is being shown on the screen of the popular private television channel NTV for a long time. The show of Adventure Man has reached 586 episodes to gain viewership.

Salman’s village home is in Noapara of Jessore’s Sadar Upazila. But he did not stay there for long. In the meantime, when Salman reached the sixth grade, a demon had taken over his head. He went out alone to Sylhet without saying anything to anyone. In this way, he has cultivated many areas of Bangladesh as a teenager. But why doesn’t he get addicted to it too. He has visited such remote areas, where no footprints have been found. Salman felt that he has traveled so many areas, so many experiences, but no one is able to know it. Salman took the camera and a few companions to tell people about these experiences.

Year 2001, Salman’s journey with the camera started. He borrowed a travel bag, camera and various equipment from a friend. But it became difficult for Salman to travel to remote areas, mountains and mountains to capture on camera, to provide food and lodging money. Borrowing from him for how long? In such a situation, in 2002, Salman found a man named Biswajit, who, seeing Salman’s interest, handed over 30 thousand rupees without hesitation. With that, Salman and his companions bought the logistics for traveling.

Salman told NTV Online, ‘We call him (Vishwajit) Dulabhai. What he did for us, we will remember all our life. So far he has given us 5 to 6 lakh rupees. It was said that if we ever earn from these videos, we will give him 50 percent. But he never asked for money from us, gave freely. We ourselves pay him back little by little.’

In the beginning, Salman captured the Sundarbans on camera. After that, he also captured various remote areas of the Chittagong Hill Tracts one by one. Go to various places including Andharmanik in Bandarban, Pukurpara, Dumlong Hill in Rangamati. Although he had set foot in these areas many times before, he later traveled to other areas. He wanted the videos of these areas to be shown on TV channels. But these videos of clumsy hands could not make a mark in anyone’s mind. However, seeing their interest, many asked them to move forward.

Salman remembers Bear Grylls, who became a huge hit with Discovery’s ‘Man vs. Wild’ show. Taking Bear Grylls as his guru, Salman did not give up, but moved on.

In the meantime, six more people have joined Salman. A team was formed with them – three camera operators, and three assistants. Salman has built the team with his own hands. But it is not possible to take everyone in this group. We need people who won’t go down the middle. Many can operate good cameras. But taking cameras in remote areas is not easy. You have to survive in these areas except for eating and drinking. Salman’s team includes people, one of whom used to drive rickshaws for a living. Another was a fisherman. He used to catch fish by boat.

One such person is called Babu. He used to catch fish in Chandpur river. While visiting Chandpur, Salman caught his eye. Salman wants to bring Babu to Dhaka, asks him to join the team. But Babu’s face is shy. He said, he has no education. But Salman does not want to give up. At one point he brought Babu to Dhaka. Learn how to operate a camera with three months of training. After that, Babu became one of the members of the party.

Salman said, ‘Seeing him, I thought, very hardworking and honest. I wanted to take him in the team. Because, I needed such a person in my team.’

Salman’s ‘Adventure Man’ show started on NTV in 2012. Through television, Salman continued to show various remote areas, the behavior and culture of the people there. In the meantime, ‘Adventure Man’ started to gain popularity. Salman’s show has crossed 586 episodes on NTV. He hopes to go further.

Salman has a lot of demand from the audience. So Salman now has to travel to new areas. His team is also heavy now. Having to go to different remote areas and face different obstacles. Life and death are close to survival. There is never enough food. Sometimes you have to eat a little at a time to get through the day.

Salman said, ‘There have been days when we have passed the whole day by having a cup of tea. Sometimes I got help from hill people. Had to eat such food, which is not possible for everyone. This is how our team is made. We can adapt to any situation.’

Salman’s village home is in Nowapara area of ​​Jessore. Father died long ago. Apart from this, he has no siblings. He lives with his mother in Mirpur area of ​​the capital. Mother is his everything. Salman, a nature lover, has found a home in Mirpur, surrounded by greenery and chirping of birds. Salman’s house is next to the botanical garden. Many trees of the botanical garden can be seen by opening the window of Salman’s house.

Salman has detailed plans to go to various remote areas outside Bangladesh. In the meantime, he has received an invitation from the government of Nepal. The government of Nepal wants their country to come up in front of the audience of other countries. And Salman’s plan is to show different areas of other countries and make the people of Bangladesh aware that if they can decorate the green areas of their country so beautifully, why can’t we?

Salman will capture various areas around Nepal’s Everest, Upper Mustang, Lower Mustang. After that, he plans to go to China, Thailand and Malaysia. Apart from this, he also wants to go to Amazon in Brazil around 2020-21.

Bangladesh is a small country. There are not many remote areas, forests and wild animals are slowly being destroyed on them. Salman’s fear, if this continues, there will be no forest area in Bangladesh.

When asked about the nature of Bangladesh, Salman said, ‘Earlier, the areas we used to visit, now those areas are night and day difference. Earlier, various wild animals such as elephants, jackals, wild boars, Hanuman, various species of snakes, monkeys, bears and many other animals were seen, but now, even if we try, we do not see much.’

When asked to know the reason for this, Salman said that people are clearing forests, quarrying stones, cutting mountains, and gradually the forests are becoming empty. If there are no forests, how can animals exist? If this continues, after 10 years the condition of the forest will turn worse.

When asked what can be done to save the forest area, Salman said, ‘It is not a difficult task at all. Forests should be left alone without harming them. If we do not cut trees, lift stones, cut mountains; Then new plants will be born from plants. We don’t have to go to forests and plant trees. New trees will grow from the seeds of forest trees. We just need to avoid damaging the forests. In that case, animals will also start coming slowly.’

Salman’s appeal to those who visit different areas of Bangladesh, ‘Polythene must not be used when traveling anywhere. Apart from this, you should refrain from making loud noises, otherwise the animal will get scared and move away from the area.’

Apart from this, if you go to a remote area, you must know about that area well. If you do not know about the environmental conditions of the area, great danger can also occur. The environment and the ability of one’s own body should be left in harmony in remote areas. Salman said that many people died in accidents in Bangladesh due to non-compliance.

Salman regularly walks 10 kilometers to keep his body in shape. He said, ‘If I can’t walk sometimes, I make up for it by walking more on other days. Because it is very important to keep the body fit in the places we go.’

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