Beautiful Amzhupi Neelkuthi

Beautiful Amzhupi Neelkuthi

Amzhupi Neelkuthi; There is some kind of attraction in the name. So it seems that just hearing the name created a curiosity in my mind. The name Nilkuthi has been known for a long time, which is the name of an oppression imposed on the Bengalis during the British period, and Nilkuthi was made in various parts of Bengal to implement that oppression. Where the blueprints of various tortures of indigo farmers were implemented in comfort. But the name Amzhupi is completely new and quite curious as well. So when my colleague suggested to go to Amjhupi Nilkuthi at the same time, I was very excited.

Next morning in Meherpur our first destination is Amjhupi Neelkuthi tour. I went out fresh in the morning. Amjhupi Neelkuthi is located just six kilometers from Meherpur city. It was quite early in the morning and the highway was completely empty. So within 10 minutes, I reached near the destination near the main road with the nameplate connection road. Amzhupi Nilkuthi gate after one and a half minutes. At the beginning, seeing the gate did not seem like much. But going a little further, it is silent, secluded, green; Seeing the ruins of ancient structures and a huge mango orchard started to feel good. Moving on, the love that with time, once let the fascination spread, once made its place in my favorite list.

Indeed, what did not seem like much in the beginning, started to feel like it little by little, after looking around the whole Amzhupi was surrounded by a feeling of love. That’s why the place managed to make it to my favorite list in no time. Because, Amjhupi Nilkuthi is a wonderful place to enjoy, admire and spend time. Although it presents ancient buildings, history and traditions of those days in the midst of small but tidy and clean greenery, the nature, environment and surrounding beauty of Amjhupi is the most pleasant and attractive to me.

On entering this historical courtyard, a huge mango orchard is on the left hand side, all the mango trees of the same size, naturally make the huge garden a hut shape. Which is visible in the first sight. And at a glance, one can understand the significance of the name Amzhupi. It is a rare thing, that the environment of a place can bear the merit of its naming, without knowing the history of its naming. To the right is a broad green field, which I think may have once been the courtyard or courtyard of the ancient structures of this Neelkuthi. In the middle of the green field, one or two trees, fences have been tried to keep him in place, and temporary rest has also been arranged for the visitors. We took our initial position right under that tree, next to the paved altar, and put our bikes and bags. I sat on the paved altar and looked around.

A very mellow, soothing environment surrounded by tranquil nature. The sprawling green fields, the crumbling British structures, the two brick buildings of Neelkuthi. Front porch and several similar rooms. It seemed that it might be the office room of the collection of indigo tax of that time. I haven’t looked up the history, but it seems like it. In front of the two one-story buildings, a water arrangement is an abandoned tap. The local Kazla river flows behind the abandoned building. Toitambu is filled with youth, color, form, juice and smell. Can bind anyone with structure, texture and flow of its swaying form. And there are so many retail stores around. Anyone will fall in love with the illusion of form. As I have read. And I have changed her name to Kajli in my own way.

The main building of Nilkuthi is on the bank of this river. A little further from the two abandoned buildings is a field and a brick path. But you can also go to the courtyard of the yellow building near the river bank. Neelkuthi’s main building and garden next to the river. It is now used as a historical monument and park. Of course, for some money you have to enter the main building and enjoy the green park along the river bank. It was closed and we didn’t want to spend money to visit the park so we didn’t go there. From outside the gate, sitting on the banks of the river, in the shade of the trees, walking among the amzhupis, I was looking around, and thought that the English, hundreds of years ago, had built their abode of retirement, far away, in solitude, in the midst of greenery, on the banks of the river, surrounded by all the beauty of nature. , would find and make all the arrangements to spend a wonderful vacation there.

This Amzhupi Neelkuthi is proof of that. What a beautiful, in the middle of nature, surrounded by greenery, built by the banks of the river, the residence, office and leisure, solitude, silence, a surprising arrangement to spend time alone.

Amzhupi Neelkuthi fascinated me. And forced to imagine in my mind, if I had such an Amzhupi Nilkuthi!

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