Birulia Zamindarbari is a witness of history

Birulia Zamindarbari is a witness of history


Birulia is a village on the banks of Turag near Dhaka. The village is famous for some of the more famous ancient structures including the lovely house of landlord Rajinikanth. Many people rush to different parts of the country to witness history or see archeological monuments, but the zamindar house that carries the history and heritage of Birulia remains hidden from the public eye.

Although not visible from the outside, the zamindarbari of zamindar Rajinikanth can be seen upon entering the village. In different places of the red-gray house, the plasters have fallen off, the bricks have come out. The nearly hundred-year-old house still stands as a witness of time with a dilapidated appearance. There were 14-15 buildings adjacent to the zamindar house. 7-8 spectacular buildings have survived the passage of time. Birulia village is rich in ancient famous structures and still carries the charm and nobility.

It is said that about 100 years ago, Rajnikanth Ghosh bought the house from landlord Nalini Mohan Saha for 8 thousand 960 taka 4 annas. He had several other houses in different parts of the country including Old Dhaka and Narayanganj. which was taken over during the riots of 1964. Since then, Zamindar Rajinikanth has no other property left except this house in Birulia.

Birulia Zamindarbari carrying history and heritage. Photo: Sadiq Khan

The three storied zamindarbari adjacent to the temple was also known as Banikbari. This was the residence of Zamindar Rajinikanth. This design house has hanging balcony. Brick roads, houses covered with trees. The walls of the house are decorated with designs of flowers, birds and foliage. Proof size solid wood door. If you walk up to the roof, you can see the life-giving beauty. Sri Sri Radhakrishna is carved somewhere on the wall of the house. Earlier in the house there were shields, swords and various things used by zamindars – which were stolen long ago.

A few other buildings around the landlord’s house. It was once inhabited by the ancestors of Karndhar of Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya. Tarakchandra Saha, Gopibabu, Nitaibabu, Rajni Ghosh and other businessmen lived in the buildings. They used to trade along the river banks of Banshi, Dhaleswari and Turag. They used to sit here and buy auctions and manage the zamindari. 

A century-old famous banyan tree still stands at the end of the village as a witness of time. This banyan tree is hung in a large size in the main showroom of Adi Dhakeswari Bastralaya, India and globally acclaimed in Kolkata.

Birulia Zamindarbari carrying history and heritage. Photo: Sadiq Khan

Rajinikanth was a famous landlord of Birulia. Every Baisakhi and Durga Puja, he used to hold Dashami Mela in the courtyard of his house. His descendants are still alive. A fair is still held every Pahela Baishak in the shade of a century-old banyan tree. People of various classes and professions rush from far and wide to visit the traditional fair.

At present, due to the lack of renovation, moss has caught the buildings, and various bushes and shrubs including banyan trees have been created. The ancient traditional zamindar house is being destroyed as the local people use and live as per their needs. It is time for the government to come forward to save the house.

how to go

From anywhere in the capital Dhaka, first come to Mirpur No. 1 sector. From there you can directly go to Birulia Bridge by taking Alif or Mohana Transport bus. The fare is Tk 20 per person. Besides, Mirpur 1 to Birulia Bridge to Laguna is available. Laguna will charge Tk 20 per person. If you ask anyone from Birulia Bridge, you will be shown the house of Birulia Zamindar.

Birulia Zamindarbari carrying history and heritage. Photo: Sadiq Khan

Besides, from Abdullahpur, Baipail or Ashulia Mirpur Embankment, you can go to Birulia Bridge by car towards Mirpur 1. The road from Birulia Bridge to Zamindarbari is very narrow and broken. Can go by rickshaw. But if you walk, you can reach comfortably in a few minutes.

Where to eat?

There are no food hotels or restaurants around Birulia Zamindar’s house. You have to go to Birulia Bazar by rickshaw or auto rickshaw for eating. There are some cheap eateries. But the food quality is not very good. It is best to eat somewhere on the way to Birulia. Or you can eat at the hotel of your choice on the way back after the trip.

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