Boat house of Kerala in India

Boat house of Kerala in India

Iam in Kerala since 2017. I have visited the famous “house boat” here many times. Stayed overnight twice.

Cruising along tranquil backwaters surrounded by natural landscapes, relaxing on the decks of customized transport boats appeals to me. That golden afternoon sitting in the sun, with the wind blowing your hair and closing your eyes, is the most unique experience in the world.

In God’s own country, the boat house of Kerala is very different from Kashmir. Here it is watercraft. Kerala is surrounded by abundant, rivers, lakes, wetlands. Officially there is a boat system for living here.


The “house boat” here is called “kettuvallam” which literally means “knotted boat”, these boats were earlier used to transport goods across the canals. The 80-100 feet handmade creations were made of local wood called ‘Anjili’. Large planks are first cut from the wood and these planks are then tied together using handmade coconut rope. All parts of the coconut tree are used for the abundance of coconut trees here.

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This amazing combination gives these boats the strength to withstand heavy monsoon rains and adverse weather conditions.

These floating beauties are the undisputed stars of this magnificent backwater. In Kerala these big vehicles were earlier used for transporting empty goods. Later, due to the introduction of bridges and roads, the transportation of goods started more by land. From this time the conversion of boats into floatails began. As a result, the livelihood of the sailors continues as before.

Traditional yet modern, the houseboats are unique to Kerala tourism. It is now the best tourist hotel in Kerala. Due to this, many people from home and abroad come to Kerala. Spent a few days in comfort and luxury.

You can stay from one night to one week in a houseboat. Vehicles are anchored at night. During the day they move to different villages and different places. Passengers can stop and go around if they want. And there is much to see, including a church built in 742 AD, or a 250-year-old mosque, temples dating back to the Mahabharata, village life and boating.

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Room size is enough for two persons only. There are ten room boats here. Just like hotels we have star categories you have different categories of houseboats namely deluxe, premium and luxury. Prices vary based on the work and amenities on each boat.

Cruises usually start by noon and end by 9 a.m. the next day. This trip lasts about 21 hours. Out of which about 5-6 hours of sea travel is just for you. During the cruise you can witness the village life consisting of daily life, houses, churches, temples, rice farming, fishing, various types of boats, restaurants, toddy (country liquor) shops and much more.

In case of a day cruise, lunch, evening snack and dinner are served. And breakfast is provided on the day of departure. The cuisine here is local.

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Cruises start from 5000/- in Indian currency. There are also debts of lakhs of rupees. Kumarakom is the most popular cruise. Also cruises are available at Alapi, Ernakulam Astamudi.

Can be reached in two hours from Cochin airport by boat jetty, but it is better to book in advance.

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