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Char kukri-mukri way

Char kukri-mukri way

Char kukri-mukri way

Char kukri-mukri way

Shaded paths, huge mangrove forests, ripe paddy fields may be seen in many parts of this country. But the scenery of this town is a bit more beautiful. This is like a picture of a skilled artist painted on art paper with soft brush. Several rivers and canals flow in blue in the middle of the scene painted in green. The canals make the picture more lively. If you want to see the real life of the town in the picture, you have to walk along the path of Char Kukri-Mukri.

A small island Char Kukri-Mukri. Char Kukri-Mukri is located in Charfashan upazila of Bhola district. Char Kukri-Mukri is located where the Meghna and Tentulia rivers meet in the Bay of Bengal. Char kukri-mukri goes, his eyes widened. Green and green all over the horizon. If you want to lose yourself in the calm nature, you can visit this island at least once.

About 120 km from Bhola city, this area is known as a wildlife sanctuary. Indeed, the free roaming of wildlife is striking throughout the island. Wildlife includes Chitra deer, monkey, jackal, wild goat, wild buffalo-cow, wild cock, wild cat etc. Herds of foxes, herds of deer and huge hordes of wild buffaloes will easily come within sight. Apart from this, there are various species of birds and reptiles such as buck, conch, woodpecker, nilakant, masranga, cuckoo, teal, dove, chaga, gangchil, eagle, vulture, pankauri, snail etc. Visiting birds arrive here in winter. One has to be impressed by the freedom of birds.

There are mangrove forests. A collection of trees including Sundari, Gewa, Pasur, Coconut, Coconut, Bamboo and Cane can be seen. It is known that the forest department started afforestation of the first protected respiratory mangrove trees in the nineties. The succession and propagation of that forest has given the green ceremony to Char Kukri-Mukri today.

Several small canals flow between these towns. On both sides of the canal is a dense green tree settlement. The canals have taken the beauty of Kukri-Mukri one step further. Just as it feels good to put magic kajal on the eyes, so do these canals running through the greenery. Even in torrential rain, sailors take boats to their destinations on the banks of the canal, and sing songs in their voices. If you listen, you will think that this voice is not of the sailor, but of nature itself. Apart from this, the beach of Kukri-Mukri Char is quiet and clean. Bay of Bengal goes ahead after crossing the slope along Char sand. Which fills the mind of any tourist easily.

Fishing and agriculture are the main occupations of the people living in Char Kukri-Mukri. Therefore, by visiting this town, you can understand the struggle of fishermen for livelihood and life.

In a word, the township of Sagar Kolghesha has the happiness of traveling. Walking through the muddy roads in monsoons and dusty roads in summer adds a memorable chapter to any tourist’s diary to explore the entire township. That’s why the nature-loving tourists are running towards Char Kukri-Mukri.


The easiest way to go to Char Kukri-Mukri is by river. Board the launch from Sadarghat in Dhaka to Bhola and get down at Ghosh’s Hat terminal. After that you have to go to Char Kachpiya Ghat by local vehicles. Char Kukri-Mukri should be reached by trawler at a fare of 50 to 60 taka per person from Char Kachpia. Local trawlers leave for Char Kukri-Mukri every day at 9 am and 12 noon. So stay at Char Kachpiya Ghat at specific time to avoid trouble. Apart from this, you can reserve a trawler. In this case you have to spend 600 to 800 rupees.

Stay and eat

Winter is the perfect time for camping at Char Kukri-Mukri. Apart from this, you can stay overnight at rest houses of Forest Department, Coast Trust and Union Parishad with permission. If you contact the non-resident authorities, they arrange food.

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