Close to nature in Barguna

Close to nature in Barguna

Barguna is a small town surrounded by the sea. The combination of sea and forest has created a wonderful beauty in this town. The regular flow of tides and mangrove forests make Barguna district vibrant. There are Laldiya and Ashar Char’s Shuntkipalli, several small and big islands-char, Rakhine ethnic group, Mughal construction Bibichini Shahi Mosque, Bahman Pyra, Bishkhali river and many things to visit. A trip to Barguna will make you feel like a green beach town.

Tengragiri Ecopark

Tengragiri Ecopark is located in Sonakata of Taltali Upazila of Barguna District. It is also known as Fatra forest. A part of Sundarbans mangrove forest can be seen on Tengragiri tour. Not only the green proximity of forests, but also various wildlife including deer, crocodiles, snakes, pigs, squirrels can be seen here. Walking along the brick road to the end of the forest, you can see the sea waves crashing on the shore. In the canals scattered inside the forest, you can see the killing of aquatic animals. Mangrove forests, beaches and wildlife roaming in ecoparks, you have to go there if you want to get it all together.

good evening beach

Shubasandhya beach is one of the tourist attractions in the tourist area. The tourist center is located very close to Taltali Tenragiri Ecopark. Standing on the beach, the open waves of the sea in front, the cool breeze brings peace to the mind of the tourist. The long stretch of sea-estuary makes the place more enchanting. Every year on a certain day, countless people gather there for the Jyotsna festival. This center of the country’s only Jyotsna festival is ready to provide tourist satisfaction throughout the year.

Taltali Rakhine village

As an accessory to Barguna travel, there is an opportunity to explore the Rakhine villages of Taltali. Those who are interested in knowing about Rakhine living and their lifestyle, must visit Taltali Rakhine village. The Rakhine community lives in a total of 23 villages there. Their diverse life, ancient temples, Buddha statues give different levels of pleasure to tourists.

Haringhata forest area

Haringhata forest is located in the southernmost part of Patharghata upazila of Barguna district. A well-planned tourist center has been built in this green forest of Ban-Banani. Bringing the forest under ecotourism, keeping in mind the convenience of the visitors, a curvy foot trail, scenic suspension bridge, tall watch tower, rest house etc. have been constructed. Thousands of trees in this forest will give you the feeling of taking in rich oxygen in the bosom of nature. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to see about 30 species of wild animals and 90 species of birds, including deer, monkeys, pigs, squirrels, tigers, tigers, monkeys, foxes, guisaps.

Laldia and Shuntkipalli

When you reach the place where Haringhata forest merges with the beach, it will seem like another world of surprising beauty. The name of this world is Laldia. When it is not possible for many to reach Laldia by crossing the forest on foot, small trawlers are the alternative means of comfort. Several small rivers from Haringhata forest center merge into the ocean estuary at Laldia. Laldia’s pasture has to be reached through these rivers. While moving along the river, watching the competition of the waves and the colorful crabs will make this trip not in vain. When you see the rivers, you will feel like a beautiful scene painted with soft cotton on a green art paper.

During the winter season, the families involved in the production of dried fruits come to pasture. At that time, several temporary shuntkipalli were built in the sea-estuary. Apart from this, the Dakshina beach of Pan in front of Laldia is busy with the arrival of guest birds. Several types of aquatic animals can be seen as well. Shuntkipalli, Pakhpakhali and green beaches of this char have created immense natural beauty.


Barguna Sadar Upazila on one side, Amtali and Taltali Upazila of Barguna on the other side. Payra River flows through the middle of the district. Travel and peace can be found in that Pyarapara. By the will of nature, there are several places that can be visited. Apart from Golbuniya, Paler Baliatli, Gorapadam, many other places are constantly filling the mind of tourists. Various species of trees including chaila, karamza, khalisa, golpata can be seen in Payarapar. Meet Mithali, the boatman. Scenes of fishermen hunting hilsa or children and women pulling fishing nets.

Apart from this, tourists can see Bihanga island, Patharghata fishing port, Tullur char, Megher char, multiple fishing villages and many other things by traveling to Barguna.

To get the real taste of Barguna travel, you have to rush to every upazila of this district. So at least two to three days should be taken. You can go to Barguna by boat or bus. There are several residential hotels in each upazila headquarters of the district. Accommodation will be provided there. But those who like adventure can enjoy spending the night in the forest with a tent. And yes, Barguna’s special food is river or sea fish. Breads with coconut broth or duck meat are very popular in this district. Don’t forget to eat them.

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