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Coxs Bazar Sea Beach – কক্সবাজার সমুদ্র সৈকত

coxs bazar sea beach

coxs bazar sea beach

Talking about Coxs Bazar Sea Beach (কক্সবাজার সমুদ্র সৈকত) first comes to mind as it is the largest beach in the world and the most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. With a length of 120 km, the beach is bound by the waves of foreign tourists and the enchanting sunshine.

Cox’s Bazar Travel Plan

Let’s not know about Cox’s Bazar Travel Plan, the way to go, where to stay, where to eat, all the talk of traveling to Cox’s Bazar. The best time to visit Cox’s Bazar is usually to choose Cox’s Bazar for winter. But Cox’s Bazaar is a place where you can visit any time of the year. As nature changes from time to time, that form of nature also has an impact on Cox’s Bazar. So you can go to Cox’s Bazar in the rainy season or with the blue sky in autumn, or on a full moon day in Hemanta, the form of Cox’s Bazaar will surely impress you. And yes, other than winter, but you get the benefit You will find comparable prices for almost everything from hotel rentals.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar By Road, Railway and also in Air

How to go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Road, Railway and Skyway. Among the buses from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar are Saudia Paribahan, S Alam Mercedes Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Sohag Transport, S. Alam Transport, Modern Line, etc. The rent per seat for class buses is from Tk. 950 to Tk. 2000.

How To Go

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, you can travel from Kamalapur or airport railway stations to Sonar Bangla, Subarn Express, Tula-Nishitha, Metropolitan Morning / Godhuli, Chittagong Mail. After this, you will get different types and quality buses like S Alam, Hanif, Unique etc. from Chittagong’s New Bridge area or Dampara bus stand. Buses vary from 250 to 550 taka.
In addition, Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair and US Bangla operate direct flights to Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar. In addition, Chittagong can reach Cox’s Bazar by the aforementioned route on the road.

For more read this article: https://dhakato.com/dhaka-to-coxs-bazar-traveling-by-bus-train-and-air/

Where to stay
Cox’s Bazar hotels have a current capacity of about 1,50,000 person. So even if you do not book in the off-season, you are guaranteed to get a hotel room, but it is best to book in advance from December 1 to January 5. Cox’s Bazar Hotels / Motels / Resorts are generally divided into three sections.
Tk 6000 to 10000:
Mermaid Beach Resort, Simon Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise, Long Beach, Cox Today, Heritage, etc.
Tk 3000 to 6000:
Hotel Sea Crown, Sea Palace, Sea Gal, Coral Reef, Nicole Resort, Islandia, Beach Views, uni resorts, etc.
Tk 800 to 3000:
Urmi Gas Ta House, Coral Reef, Icara Beach Resort, Absar, Media Inn, Kallol, St Martin’s Resort, Honeymoon Resort, Sapphire Resort, etc.

But there are hotels available for less than the above mentioned prices, so search in advance. Have to take Hotel rentals are usually less than half in the off season. If you have time to go down to Cox’s Bazar then find a hotel and find a good hotel If you want to stay at a hotel or resort at a lower price, you can look for hotels in the opposite lane in front of the Long Beach Hotel, a short distance from Kalatali Beach. The farther away the hotel is from the Beach and Main Road, the lower the fare is usually. Rickshaw walas or CNG walas should not be taken into consideration when searching for hotels. Information may be collected from the hotel’s Facebook page or website if necessary.

If you want to travel a bit with your family, you can rent a flat. AC / Non AC 2/3 Bed room and kitchen flat can be rented from tk 2000 to 12000. You may also need to do a bit of searching to find an address that is convenient and customizable to you.

Beach View / Sea View Hotel

There are currently many hotels and resorts that offer beautiful seaside rooms. The beach can be seen. Many are looking for a hotel from which the sea is very close. However, rentals for such Beach View hotel rooms are relatively high. If you want to stay low, you can go in the off season. Apart from the Beach View Hotel, some of the hotels and resorts are Hotel Simon, Hotel Sea Crown, Palace Paradise and Nilima Beach Resort, etc.

What to do
Overflowing sea, rows of jhuban, or hot sand. The bed will draw you closer to the attraction. Walking in the wetlands, sunbathing in the sea water and the sunset at the moment will give emotional tranquility to every moment. Of course, be careful before going to sea and know when the tide is coming. If you have the time, you can buy souvenirs for loved ones from the Burmese Market on the beach.
If you want to enjoy the full sea, you must spend the sunrise and sunset on the beach. You will surely be amazed by the different views of the beach in the dim light. You can definitely spend the evening at the beach when the full moon arrives.
Beach photographers can be the refuge to hold beautiful moments in memory. You can get on a speedboat ride with the waves of the Uttarakhand at a rate of 100 to 250 taka. In the afternoon you can come out from the Inani Beech or Glacier Fountain to get more reinforced. You can also visit the Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Ramu Buddhist temples, Teknaf or St. Martin’s at your convenience and time.

What to Eat
Cox’s Bazaar has all types and quality restaurants. Not to mention the middle quality budget restaurants like Rodella, Jhoban, Paddy Seed, Poshi, Niribili etc. Depending on the season, food prices here may be lower / higher than many others. Rice: Tk 20-40, Mixed allowance: 75/150/300 Taka (8-10 items), Leita Fry: 100-120 (6-10 pieces per plate), Coral / Vetki: 150 Taka (per pitch), Cow: 150-200 Taka (2 people can share), Rapchanda Fry / Cook: 300-400 Taka (Large 2 people like eating), Pulse: 30-60 Taka. You can also check out the Hyderabad Birani from the adjoining Hyundai restaurants at Labani Point for Tk 200-250. And there is the KFC.

Warning and Travel Tips
* Contact the tourist police for any problems. Hotline +88-01769690740
* Travel to Cox’s Bazar for the low cost in the off season
* Be sure to shop for anything and rent properly
* Cost some food before a restaurant Ask
at the hotel

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