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Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka Traveling by Bus, Train and Air

Cox’s Bazar is a tourist city located in southeastern Bangladesh. It belongs to Cox’s Bazar district of Chittagong division. Cox’s Bazaar is famous for its natural beauty. Here is the longest continuous natural sandy beach in the world which extends up to 155 kilometers (96 miles) from Cox’s Bazar to Badmokam. Here are the largest marine fishing port of Bangladesh and the submarine cable landing station. Cox’s Bazar was once known as Panoya, which literally means yellow flowers. Another ancient name is Palanki.

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most happening tourist attractions place in Bangladesh. Most of the time it packed with local and foreign tourists. First choice both of local and foreign tourists are Cox’s Bazar. It is a great place to enjoy your vacation in Bangladesh.

Distance from Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka: 380KM (approximately)

You can get to Cox’s Bazar fairly easily as it is connected with highways by bus, train stations (via Chittagong then others transport) and an airport. But keep in mind that it is located around 380kms (approximately) away from the capital Dhaka. So, it may take a while (10 hours by intercity bus) depending on which transport you choose.

Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka by Bus

If you go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka, you will choose a better option to go with intercity bus services.  More than 20 more companies and their lots of buses continuously moving Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka. Normally the first coach is at around 6:30 am and the last is around 11:30 pm. During this time lots of buses moving between Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka. There are some options for bus category that you have travelling Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka. Cost is also very from the bus coach type.

Type 1: AC Sleeper Coach (2500 tk per person)

Type 2: AC Double Decker Coach (2500 tk per person)

Type 3: AC Business Class Coach (1800-2000 tk per person)

Type 4: AC Executive Class Coach (1000-1500 tk per person)

Type 5: Non-AC Coach (800-1000 tk per person)

List of all the major bus services with ticket prices are provided below (alphabetical order):

 Bus Operator  Coach Type  Ticket Price
Green Line Sleeper Bus 2500
President Travels Double Deck AC 2500
Tuba Line AC Bus 2000
Silk Line AC Bus 2000
Saint Martin Paribahan AC Bus 2000
Hanif Enterprise AC Bus 2000
Green Line AC Bus 1800
Desh Travels AC Bus 1800
Relax Transport AC Bus 1800
Shohag Paribahan AC Bus 1700
Ena Transport AC Bus 1600
NR Travels AC Bus 1600
Year 71 AC Bus 1600
Saint Martin Paribahan AC Bus 1500
Royal Coach AC Bus 1500
Green Saint Martin AC Bus 1450
Ena Transport AC Bus 1200
Shanti Paribahan AC Bus 1000
Ena Transprot Non AC 1000
Saint Martin Paribahan Non AC 900
Hanif Enterprise Non AC 800
Shyamoli SP Non AC 800
Unique Bus Non AC 800
NR Travels Non AC 800

My Suggestion: Because of long-distance i personally suggest for travelling AC Business or Sleeping service categories. If your budget is tight, I personally recommend all of my users to travel AC Executive Class. For the full family tour, AC bus service is more than better with others. Travel time at night is most preferable. I personally try to avoid non AC bus as Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka long journey.

Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka by Train

The train journey is most enjoyable with friends. There is no direct train service from Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka. But if you want to take a train with your friends on the way to Dhaka, a hap from among the 5 express trains coming from Chittagong in Dhaka. From Chittagong you have to go on a bus to reach your final destination.

Always make sure to check with railway’s website to ensure the time.

Name Departure Arrival Ticket Price
Mohanogor Provati Express 7:45(Dhaka) 13:50 (Chittagong) 125-756
Mohanogor Godhuli Express 15:00 (Chittagong) 21:10 (Dhaka) 320-731
Shuborno Express 15:00 (Dhaka) 21:45 (Chittagong) 355-673
Shuborno Express 7:00 (Chittagong) 12:10 (Dhaka) 320-1093
Turna Express 23:00 (Chittagong) 5:25 (Dhaka) 265-425
Turna Express 23:30 (Dhaka) 6:20 (Chittagong)  
Sonar Bangla Express 17:00 (Chittagong) 22:10 (Dhaka)  
Sonar Bangla Express 7:00 (Dhaka) 12:20 (Chittagong)  

Ticket Price:

Name AC Kabin Snigdha AC First Seat Shovon
Sonar Bangla Express 1100 1000 800 600
Mohanogor Provati Express 788 656 460 345
Shuborno Express 725 380
Mohanogor Express 1229 656 345
Turna Express 1229 656 345

My Suggestion:

It will take another 3.5 hours to reach Chittagong from Cox’s Bazar. Also, known for the delay in train time in Bangladesh. So, if you can compromise your love for the train’s road, then I would recommend traveling to a bus. But train journey is very much safe and comfortable for all.

Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka by Air

The fastest way to go to Dhaka. Now Biman Bangladesh, Regent Airways, NovoAir and US-Bangla Airlines operate 10+ flights from Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka every day. Air ticket prices can vary depending on time and also vacation, so do not forget to check the price and availability on the airline’s official websites.

  • Biman Bangladesh: 3800 – 11000 bdt. 2 flights per day
  • Novo Air: 3900 – 9000 bdt. 5 flights per day
  • US Bangla Airlines: 4000 – 8700 bdt. 2 flights per day
  • Regent Airways: 4750 – 9850 bdt. 1 flight per day

Travel Tip:

Do doubt airway is the best option for traveling Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka. You have to take your hotel to the airport. 3-star hotel offers this service free of charge. On the other hand, the airport is very close to the main part of the city, so there are plenty of options besides your airport.

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