Daroga Bari Mosque is a beautiful ancient structure of Comilla

Daroga Bari Mosque is a beautiful ancient structure of Comilla

Daroga Bari Mosque is one of the few beautiful ancient structures in Comilla city. Shah Abdullah Gazipuri (RA) shrine is attached to the mosque. Pilgrims flock here on special days including every Friday. Especially during Shabbat-Barat, there is no place to step on the three banks of the mosque courtyard and the adjacent pond.

It is believed that the local Riazuddin Ahmed Chowdhury established the mosque in 1214 Hijri. The two hundred year old mosque has three domes. There are 12 minarets around. The walls are more than three feet thick.

It can be seen on the ground, Yusuf School is next to Rajganj in Comilla city. Daroga Bari is the area of ​​Daroga Bari. There is a medium sized pond. Mosque and shrine on the west bank of the pond. There is an azure system at the edge of the pond. There is a shrine next to the mosque. Shah Abdullah Gazipuri (RA) is a resident of Kanpur, India. He used to rest here on his way to Myanmar via Comilla. Once Shah Abdullah Gazipuri (RA) stayed here to spread Islam. He was buried here after his death. People donate lakhs of rupees every month in the donation box of the mosque, which is supervised by the district administration.

Maulana Yashin Noori, Khatib of the mosque, said that the first Jumaba Ors of the month of Magh is held here. People come from far away to see this mosque. Two thousand Muslims can pray together here. Thousands of people come here on different days. There is no place for worshipers in mosques. The mosque needs to be expanded.

Comilla Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Md. Shahadat Hossain is the president of the mosque management committee. He said, ‘We have made a committee to expand the mosque. Discussions are going on whether to expand upwards or sideways. After the decision we will move forward.’

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