Debotakhum – দেবতাখুম


Debotakhum is located in Roangchhari upazila of Bandarban district. Khum means hotch reservoir. Devatakhum is basically a part of Taracha canal. Surrounded by mountains on both sides and rocky place of deep water.

There are many small and big khum in Bandarban. Such as Amiyakhum, Velakhum etc. of Thanchi. However, Devatakhum is very popular among all those who have to visit Bandarban. This is because it is very easy to get around this place. According to the locals, some parts of this khum are about 50 feet deep.

There is a huge jungle on both sides of this khum. Due to the high mountains, direct sunlight does not reach inside the Khum, so it feels as cool as it can get inside Khum. The place is very quiet and noise free. It gives a thrilling feeling to the tourists while going inside this khum by pressing on the bamboo raft. Its water is also quite clear.

When to go

Devatakhum can always be visited. One form at a time. Water flow is high in monsoon and low in winter. It is difficult to go because there is more water in the rainy season and the color of the water is not clear. Besides, there is a risk of flash flood in monsoon. That’s why it’s best to go after the rainy season. November to April is the ideal time to visit any khum in Bandarban including Devtakhum.

The way to Devtakhum

If you want to go to Devatakhum, you have to come to Bandarban first. All types of AC / non AC buses go to Bandarban from Dhaka. The AC bus will cost Hanif, Saint Martin Hyundai and Saudia Rs 1300-1600. Hanif, S Alam, Unique transport in non AC bus will cost 600-700 rupees.

If you want to go by train, you have to come to Chittagong and go by bus from there. Many trains including Sonar Bangla Express, Subarna Express, Turna Express, Chattala, Mahanagar Godhuli leave Dhaka for Chittagong. Fares for trains and seats range from 305 to 1249 rupees.

To get from Chittagong to Bandarban you have to take a bus from Chittagong’s New Bridge, Dampara and Bahaddarhat bus terminals to Bandarban. The bus fare from Chittagong to Bandarban will be 150-200 rupees.

Devatakhum from Bandarban

From Bandarban you can take a bus to Roangchhari, then take CNG to Kachpatali. The distance from Bandarban town to Roangchhari is 16 kilometers and from Kowachpatli to Roangchhari is 6 kilometers. Buses leave Roangchhari every hour from Bandarban Roangchhari bus stand, the fare will be 60 rupees. The CNG fare from Roangchhari to Kachhapatli is around 150-200 rupees.

However, if you want, you can go directly to Bandarban city by reserving jeep or CNG and go to Kachpatali. Jeep rent 2000-2500 rupees. One jeep can seat 12/13 people.

Permission has to be obtained from Roangchhari police station and Kachhapatli army camp to go to Devtakhum. To get permission, photocopy of National Identity Card must be submitted. And the cost for the permission form will be 50 rupees.

You have to take a guide to go to Devatakhum. You can take a guide from Kachpatali or Roangchhari. The guide cost for the whole day is 1000 rupees. One guide guides a team of 10 people at a time, even less so the cost for a guide will be the same. Talk to the guide about who will bear the other costs of the guide. Besides, it will cost 150 rupees per person to enter Devatakhum, use life jacket and raft there.

Roangchhari, Devtakhum Guide Number:

Runmoy Lal – 01857 272095
Rocky – 01855 360264

Where to eat

There is no food in the vicinity of Devtakhum. Lunch should be pre-ordered at Kachpatali Bazaar. In this case, if you say how many people will eat while going, what to eat with, you can eat on the way back. Your guide will help. You can take some dry food with you while trekking.

Where to stay

If you leave Bandarban for Devtakhum in the morning, you will be able to reach Bandarban again in the evening. There are different quality hotels in Bandarban city. Hotel Hill View, Hotel Plaza Bandarban, Hotel Hilton, Hotel Night Haven. Depending on the quality of the hotel and room, the cost per night will be up to 1000-5500 rupees. If you go on a holiday during the peak season, it would be better to book your preferred hotel resort in advance.

Travel Information Alerts

  • A photocopy of National Identity Card or any other photo ID is required to go to Kachpatali and report to Army Camp. Only then will you be able to enter Devatakhum.
  • You will not get network on the phone after the tortoise.
  • Use trekking boots for trekking. If you want you can use plastic or rubber sandals.
  • Take a life jacket with you to ride the raft.
  • If you do not know how to swim, you must not go into the water.
  • There are huge boulders under the water, be careful.
  • You can’t camp in Devtakhum or Shilbandha Para.

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