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Dhaka to Comilla Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka to Comilla Train schedule & Ticket Price

If you have a plan to make a trip Dhaka to Comilla then you have to know Dhaka to Comilla train schedule as well as ticket price. On this article I am going to share with you all of update information about Comilla to Dhaka train schedule.

For many propose we have to go Dhaka to Comilla. Some of us love to go with train and others with bud. If you like by the train then you are on the exact website. Here you will find all the information about train schedule and price, route and time and table etc.

Dhaka to Comilla Train List

There is two type of train available on this route. You can go with what you want. Those two intercity and mail train. There is six Intercity train and mail train is only five. Now I am going to share with you the train list of both types with their schedule. On the end section every found the ticket price of the train. Hare is the Intercity train list.

  • Mahanagar Godhuli
  • Upakul Express
  • Mahanagar Express
  • Turna Nishita
  • Mahanagar Provati

Actually Intercity train is start for Dhaka to Chittagong but it has a stoppages on Comilla. It wills break on Comilla station so you can take a seat from here. On the other hand there is 5 mail train is also available take a look at this list.

  • Dhaka Mail
  • Comilla Comuter
  • Karnafuli Express
  • Dhaka Express
  • Chattala Express

After reading full article you can make your decision that whether you go with mail train or Intercity train.

Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule

From below table you can check out the full schedule of both train that will start their journey from Dhaka and take a break on Comilla at the mentioned time. Note: This information is taken from Bangladesh railway website. They can change it anytime.

Train Code Train Name Off Day Departure Time Arrival Time
703 Mohanagar Gudhuli No  17:54 21:10
711 Upakul Express Wednesday  08:01 11:50
721 Mahanagar Express Sunday  15.19 19:00
741 Turna Express No  03:20 06:20
Dhaka Mail No  01:30 06:55
Karnafuli Express No  13:30 19:45
Dhaka Express No  23:30 06:40
Chttala Express Tuesday  11:40 15:35
Comilla Comuter Tuesday  6:10 12:50

Dhaka to Comilla intercity Train Schedule

There are five intercity train on this route. I don’t know which one is your favorite. That’s why I have included all of intercity train with their schedule and details. From below section check one by one make sure which one is perfect for you.

Mohanagar Gudhuli

Mahanagar godoli is popular train on this road. If you want to start your travel at beginning then it will be your first choice because it starts journey at 5:54 PM and it will reach at 9:10 p.m. this train goes Dhaka to Chittagong and it has a stoppages on the Comilla station so you can make a trip with Mahanagar gudali. It has no holiday it will available for everyday.

Upakul Express

Upakul Express is a day journey train. If you are looking for a train that will leave station after your breakfast then it can be perfect for you because it starts journey at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and it will take almost 4 hour to reach on Comilla. If has only one holiday that is Wednesday the number of this train is 711.

Mahanagar Express

Mahanagar Express is evening trip lover train. It will start journey on the evening at 03:19 p.m. and it will reach after four hours 7:00 p.m. 721 is the number of this train, it is an Intercity train that will stop on Comilla station. Sunday is the  off day of this train.

Turna Express

Are you looking for that train that will finish your journey at very fast morning? And one to have breakfast after your journey? No problem! No need to worry about it. Turna Express is your solution. You can make a trip without any hesitation on this train it starts journey at 3:20 a.m. and it will finish journey at 6:20 a.m. after finishing your journey you can take breakfast. This train is available for every day there is no holiday of Turna Express.

Comilla to Dhaka Train Schedule

If you want to come back from comilla to Dhaka or have a plan to go to Dhaka from comilla then you need to know the schedule for train. Comilla is not main railway station, basically it’s a place where is a stoppage. On the break time some passenger will get down from the train, and some people take a new set.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Comilla Comuter Tuesday 06:10 12:50
Dhaka Express No 23:33 6:40
Mahanagar Express Sunday 15:20 19:00
Chttala Express Tuesday 11:40 15:35
Karnafuli Express No 13:30 19:45
Mahanagar Godhuli No 17:55 21:10
Turna Express No 03.20 06:20
Upakul Express Wednesday 08:00 11:50
Dhaka Mail No 01:30 06:55

Dhaka to Comilla Mail Train Schedule

Like intercity, on this route there are 5 mail train available for visitors. They can enjoy journey with those. Here is complete schedule of each train according to Bangladesh railway.

Dhaka Mail

Dhaka mail is a train that will make trip from Dhaka to Chittagong. If you want to go with this train on Comilla it is also possible because it has stoppage on Comilla station. It will break on Comilla for sometime you can get the own or take a seat from here. Before you get a set you need to know schedule of this train. It starts journey at 1:30 a.m. and it will finish journey at 6:55 a.m. So you can tell it’s a night journey train.

Comilla Commuter

After listening the name you realise that this train will be must for Comilla station. It has only one of day that will be Tuesday and it starts journey very fast morning 6:10 a.m. and it will finish running I mean arrival time of this train is middle of the day at 12:50 p.m. after finishing your journey with this train you can take your lunch on Comilla station.

Karnaphuli Express

Karnaphuli Express is another comfortable train to go Dhaka to Comilla or Comilla to Dhaka. It has different type of seats including lower and higher. You have to choice higher level seat then it will make your journey more enjoyable. It starts journey everyday at 1:30 p.m. and reach on Comilla station after 6 hours at 7:45 PM.

Dhaka Express

Dhaka Express is another mail train to going from Dhaka to Comilla or Comilla to Dhaka. It has no off day. It leaves Dhaka station on midnight at 23:30 and reaches to Comilla station morning at 06:40. This train will perfect who love night journey.

Chattala Express

Chattala Express runs on this route 6 day in we. Tuesday is the only on off day of this train. It starts running at 11:40 from Dhaka. And, after a long time it reaches into destruction in the evening at 15:35. It is a mail train, so ticket price of this train is not too much. It takes time more than intercity train. If you want to reach quickly, then you will have to choice intercity train.

Dhaka to Comilla train route and Distance

Journey starts from Dhaka. It’s a long way to go. Train start running near the route of Narayanganj. After that, it runs on the train route. You can enjoy the beauty of nature on there. On this silent route, there is no man and vehicle. The rain distance between Dhaka to Comilla is more than 115 kilometres. I hope you will enjoy the trip on this route.

Dhaka to Comilla train ticket price

Only knowing schedule is not enough for you. If you are ready to go in Comilla by train. You have to know the ticket price of dhaka to Comilla. Ticket price depend on quality. It can also vary between Intercity and mail. In Comilla to Dhaka route there is ten type of ticket for Intercity rail. Check out from which you want to go and collect your ticket from the station you can also buy ticket from online.

Seat Classes Price of tickets
AC Berth 702 BDT
1st Class Berth 405 BDT
AC Seat 466 BDT
Snigdha 391 BDT
1st Class Seat 270 BDT
Shovon Chair 205 BDT
Shovon 170 BDT
Shulov 105 BDT
Commuter 85 BDT
2nd Class Mail 70 BDT

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