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Dhaka To Dewanganj Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka To Dewanganj Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

If you are willing to visit from dhaka to dewanganj, knowing the train schedule is the most essential part. To make it easy for you, here we are going to provide the timetable of Dhaka to Dewanganj train.

To know it all you need to continue with us until the end of the article. After that hopefully you will be able to start your journey without any problem. Here we also included some others information.

Dhaka To Dewanganj Train List

There are more than four trains on the route. The list is given below. From here you can choose your favorite transport. You should also lookup on the train number while choosing.

  • Brahmaputra Express (743)
  • Tista Express (707)
  • Dewangonj Commuter (47)
  • Vawal Express (55)
  • Jamalpur Commuter (51)

Dhaka to Dewanganj Train Schedule

The exact schedule of Dhaka to dewanganj is available on our website. Before diving into the attack you should know that there are two types of train are available on the road. Which is called Intercity and mail train.

We have provided both of them one by one. From where you can choose the available train according to your journey time.

Dhaka to Dewanganj Intercity Train Schedule

If someone want to start the journey from Dhaka and will be finish it on the dewanganj, then this section is only for them. On this route there are two train are available all the time expect Monday. Because Monday is the off day of tista Express. To know more have a look at the table.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Tista Express (707) Monday 7:30 12:40
Brahmaputra Express (743) No 18:15 23:50

Dhaka to Dewanganj Mail Express train schedule

RT mail trains are available on the route of Dhaka to darbhanga. From this you can pick the best one depending on the time when you want to go. hair I have included the departure and arrival time of its train.

There is no off day for the mail train. You can go anytime you want. It’s also possible to booking train ticket online from the official website and application.

Train Name Off day Departure Arrival
Dewangonj Commuter (47) No 5:40 11:40
Vawal Express (55) No 21:20 5:40
Jamalpur Commuter (51) No 15:40 22:15

Dhaka to Dewangonj train ticket price

Train ticket price is another important thing to know before starting your journey. You know there are several types of seats available on the train. And the ticket price is depends on the seat quality. If you want to go with AC seat that will cost a little bit higher than shuvon. Here is the chart.

Seat category Ticket Price
General (2nd) 60
Mail (2nd) 75
Commuter train 95
Sulov 115
Shovon 185
Shovon Chair 225
First chair/Seat 300
First Birth 445
Snigdha 426
Ac Seat 512
Ac Birth 771

Dhaka to Dewanganj Train Distance

The distance between Dhaka to Dewanganj is about 212 Kilometers. When you go with the railway, it takes almost 7 hours or more. The journey time may be differ for the mail and Intercity train.

Dhaka to Dewangonj train ticket booking

The traveller can book a ticket directly from the counter as well as online system. Now a days it is a popular way to booking a seat online. The process you will have to follow the instruction given below.

  • Go to
  • Select your journey details
  • Click to the find button
  • Complete the process clicking on the train name

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