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Dhaka To Dinajpur Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka To Dinajpur Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

If you want to go Dhaka from Dinajpur or this article is only for you. Here you will also get the schedule of Dhaka to Dinajpur train. All of the information is straightly collected from the official website of bangladesh railway authority. So, there is no possibility of getting wrong data.

Before starting your journey, I would like to suggest you get an idea from here about schedule and Dhaka to Dinajpur train ticket price as well. For this, all you need to continue with us until the end of the article.

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train List

There are 8-10 train are available on the route of Dinajpur to Dhaka. From the section below, you can see all the train name. If you want to go with a specific train, please look at the schedule of that train. Here is the available train list:

  • Ekota Express
  • Drutajan Express
  • Dolonchapa Express
  • Uttarbonga Mail
  • Kanchan Commuter
  • Ramsagar Express
  • Dinajpur Commuter
  • Panchagar Commuter-1
  • Panchagar Commuter-2

Dhaka To Dinajpur Train Schedule

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh where a lot of people are working on various companies and others sector. If you are from Dinajpur and want to back to the home, train is the perfect one for you.

There are two types of train are available on this route. We have included the schedule of both to make sure journey more easier. Check out one by one from the content.

  • Intercity Trains
  • Mail/Express Trains

Dhaka To Dinajpur Intercity Trains Schedule

There are two Intercity train is available named Drutojan Express and Ekota Express. The schedule of those is different. So you should choose train according to your journey plan. We will not recommend you the train name.

Both train has an off day which is included in our table. You should have to think about it when to come or go.

Train Name Train No Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
1. Ekota Express      705     10:10 19:00 Tuesday
2.Drutojan Express      757     20:00   06:10 Wednesday

Dinajpur to Dhaka Intercity Trains Schedule

If you want to start journey from Dinajpur and reach out to Dhaka, the schedule will be different for you. Although the train are the same both have different train number and arrival/departure time.

However, have a look at the attached table to know the timetable.

Train Name Train No Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
1. Ekota Express 706 23:00 08:10 Monday
2.Drutojan Express 758 09:15 18:10 Wednesday

Dhaka To Dinajpur Mail/Express Trains Schedule

There are several mail train available on the route of Dinajpur to Dhaka. Some train will not reach Dhaka; their destination is Parbatipur, Santahar, Panchagar and other station.

If you are interested to go through mail train, this schedule is for you. Please have a look at the table below and select a train to make a trip now.

Train No Train Name From Departure To Arrival
7 Uttarbonga Mail Dinajpur 18:10 Panchagar 21:30
8 Uttarbonga Mail Dinajpur 12:50 Santahar 22:40
41 Kanchan Commuter Dinajpur 08:49 Panchagar 11:45
42 Kanchan Commuter Dinajpur 15:55 Parbatipur 16:50
60 Ramsagar Express Dinajpur 14:50 Bonarpara 21:45
61 Dinajpur Commuter Dinajpur 10:25 Birol 10:40
62 Dinajpur Commuter Dinajpur 11:20 Lalmonirhat 14:50
Panchagar Commuter-1 Dinajpur 16:00 Panchagar 18:20
Panchagar Commuter-2 Dinajpur 20:45 Parbatipur 21:35

Dhaka To Dinajpur Train Ticket Prices 

There are different seat quality when it comes to train. Among of those AC breath is more comfortable than others. That’s why the price of the AC breath is more than 1450 BDT.

1st birth and first seat is medium quality and the Shuvon is lower than others. The price of Shuvon is also cheap.

Seat Type Price (BDT)
Shovon 360
Shovon Chair 430
First Seat 570
1st Birth 855
Snigdha 822
AC Seat 983
AC Birth 1478

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Route Map

Train route map is very important for the drivers. Or if you are new on that area and interested to know the map, don’t worry about it. I’m here to provide you. You can also download the images from here.

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Route Map

Dhaka To Dinajpur Train Ticket Booking Online

It’s easy to book a ticket online system. Now you don’t have to come station physically to buy a ticket. Online system has made the process easy for us. Thanks to the Bangladesh railway authority to give us such an opportunity.

Go to the link to book a ticket online.

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