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Dhaka to Kishorgonj Itna, See the beauty of Itna, Kishorgonj – One day Tour



Travel : Dhaka to Kishorgonj Itna

After sleepless nights, I went to 5 o’clock in the morning to reach Mohakhali bus stand, for the benefit of Uber, only 160 takas came from Banasree Block-B to the destination. From Mohakhali, facing the bus stand, while going to the left hand, Kishoreganj’s bus, name Ananya. Tickets of Tk 220 to get auctioned name was anonymity but there was nothing to show. While watching the safe road travel promise sticker inside the bus but journey is not good for us, in a word it just thriller of movie. Although I was sleeping most of the bus journey due to not sleeping on the previous night.

Dhaka to Kishorgonj Itna, See the beauty of Itna, Kishorgonj – One day Tour

But every time I got to sleep, I found myself in the floating position on the bus. Finally, after 3.30 hours, we arrived at around 10:30 AM. The light breakfast was in there with comfortable price. The bus has not run slowly, the road is very narrow and bad. From there, the station road is worth 15 takas per person. Driver wanted 20 takas, but we talk about it easily and go to 15 takas. Before proceeding to the front of the station road, I realized that I did not do any rustic area. All are here, all are so nice and blessing.

Just as I saw the condition of the road, my idea of ​​slapping all thoughts was wrong. I felt very happy. Anyway, the car came to the station, the road to the straightway. Then we got a lot of CNG on the station road, but we needed one, for every 40 takas people agreed to come to the leather port. The CNG started moving a little bit, like the greenery, maybe that’s why I came here pushing the city’s garbage and I’m sure it’s the beauty of Itna.

Dhaka to Kishorgonj Itna, See the beauty of Itna, Kishorgonj – One day Tour

We go right from the jetty in the guest house, we will have their system par head @ Rs 150 / night at the Thakur Guest House. More burgeoning we have a double bed, and a single bed at auction of 600 takas for 24 hours. Let’s come here a little bit, as soon as possible I got a bath in the Hawor. I came down and closed my eyes. The reason for closing the eyes was that one person was sacrificing urine in water. Oops, full of dirt in the water? Still I was unable to cope with the temptation. It did not last long, I did not see it, I went to see the man’s stools. Now the greed is no longer. I ran away from the water a little later. Then it was our pride that Shakib Al Hasan’s Lifebuoy soap advertised. So, at 30 takas, a washbasin washed very well in the washroom itself. The clothes are not dropped.

Anyway, let’s take a little while to eat rice. Extra rice 20, chicken 60, poultry 80, small fish 40, horn fish 80, water price is 5/10 more (Ria Hotel), on the left side of the guest house, stand straight on the Hawor. As soon as you have finished eating managed a vehicle for going, a shopkeeper helped us in this matter, the destination was fixed, to see their dream roads. That will be the way to contact them with Dhaka. Truly awesome scenes, your mind will be filled with guarantees. When you stand on the streets, enjoy the beauty of the Hawor, it will blow your mind. The play ground near the little school house looked like a poem.

The little kids are riding their boat. We are said but they refused to take us. Then a small landlady, forgetting the name of the landlord. Viewing an old mosque is full of our tours. Driver had agreed to turn around 300 takas. He was very good, our driver helped go inside the landlord house. Light breakfast in the evening. It is very interesting to see the sky beside the Hwaor. We invented the sky freshly. The more I look, the better.

In it the sky molasses and sparks. Excellent experience in one go. I ate at 11am and went out for Dhaka. Trying to sit on the boat’s roof while you are coming, do not feel bad. If you take the umbrella then you can relief from the love of the sun. When I arrived at the bus to travel, I did not feel comfortable sitting in the seat. Cost per person was 1200 taka (Dhaka to Itna).

Notice: The people of Itna are very hospitable. You will be fascinated by their attitude and cost of necessary things are in your range. The environment is ours, wherever we try to keep the environment beautiful. We encourage others also.

You will see it in the eyes of the graceful. And the spelling will be wrong. We will try to translate in English, sorry for any mistake.

Writer: Säbbîr Hossain

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