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Dhaka to Mohongonj Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka to Mohongonj Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

If you want to travel from Dhaka to mohongonj, then it’s essential to know dhaka to mohongonj train schedule. Otherwise you will face many problems, such as missing train. Here you will also get Dhaka to mohongonj train ticket price.

Mohanganj Express an intercity train which runs for dhaka to Mohanganj or Mohanganj to dhaka. On this article you will get the exact schedule of Mohanganj Express train with ticket price as well.

It starts journey from dhaka komlapur railway station and ends to Mohanganj railway station.

We know that Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Many people go to Dhaka for important reason. In this time going with train will be perfect for you and it’s also not costable or If you have a plan to make a trip in dhaka from mohongonj to dhaka then this article is only for you.

Dhaka to Mohongonj Train Schedule

As I said earlier, mohanganj Express runs between Dhaka to mohanganj route. On this route there are several train available but mohanganj Express is very popular because it can satisfied the tourist giving many facilities. On the section below I have included a table, have a look at the schedule.

Destination Departure time Arrival time Off Day
Dhaka to mohanganj 02:20 PM 08:40 PM Monday
Mohanganj to dhaka 11:30 PM 06:00 AM Monday

Before starting your journey make sure that mohanganj Express has one off day that is Monday. And it starts journey from Dhaka railway station two PM, after six hour of journey it reaches to destination at eight PM. On this stage this journey will be suitable for those man who you like to travel in the evening. On the other hand it starts journey from Mohanganj railway station at eleven PM and reaches out to dhaka morning at six AM. If you like to travel at night then mohanganj Express is the perfect train for you and after finishing your journey you can take breakfast near the station.

Mohanganj Express Train Stoppages

Like others train, Mohanganj Express has deferent Stoppages on this route. It takes rest for sometime following station. Visitor can have something during the break time. Local people of those area can take a seat easily directly from Stoppages. Here I have mentioned all of station name.

  • Bimanbandar Station
  • Gaforgaon
  • Mymensingh
  • Gouripur
  • Shymaganj
  • Netrokona
  • Thakurgaon
  • Barhatti
  • Mohonganj

You have seen there are nine deferent station on this route. Dhaka Bimanbandhar is the starting point and Mohanganj is the last one. This train is not only for two station, anyone can travel from one station to another station without facing problem.

Mohangonj Express Train Code

Mohangonj Express has two train, one goes for dhaka to Mohanganj number of this train is 790. Another one runs for Mohanganj to dhaka, the number of this train is 780. You should choice right code number. If you want to track the location of the train then you must know the code number. It’s very easy to track location from anywhere. See this article for this method.

Mohanganj Express Train Ticket Price

When you are ready to start train journey then another important thing is ticket price. There are lot of cheater around us. They always looking for your low point. If you don’t know the price of ticket it can your low point. They will try to cheat with you and try to expect extra money. That’s why you should know ticket price correctly. Here is the price for the ticket of all categories.

Seat Type Price BDT
AC Berth 490
Snighda 425
Shuvon Chair 220
Shuvon 185

Here we see there are four quality of ticket, each ticket price is deferent according to the types of ticket. AC Berth is better than others, that’s why price of this is very high. Snighda is the number two price of this is 425 BDT this is also not bad. Third one is shuvon Chair and shuvon is the lower than all. Actually shuvon is not comfortable, it’s usable for commercial product. If you want to long way I prefer you AC Berth ticket.

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