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Dhaka To Natore Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka To Natore Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

We know that natore is the district of Bangladesh and dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. People have to go dhaka to natore or natore to dhaka by the train. For this now I’m going to talking about dhaka to natore train schedule and ticket price as well. I always try to come up with updated data that is collected from Bangladesh Railway Authority Website.

Are you from dhaka or natore and want to make a trip in natore or dhaka? If your Answer is affirmative. Then I just wanted to say you that you are so lucky man! Beacouse you have came to the right place. Oh here I will describe everything about this route. From ticket price to timetable and distance as well as route map.

Dhaka To Natore Train List

On the route of dhaka to natore there are five trains available. All are Express Train, so you can make a comfortable trip. Those has many facilities and enough speed. Every train has a off day in week. If you want to go with a particular train then you should know the schedule and off day about this train. Here is list of five trains:

  • Drutajan express
  • Rangpur express
  • Ekota Express
  • Nilsagar Express
  • Lalmoni Express

On the heading below I have included schedule for each train and off day is also mentioned.

Dhaka To Natore Train Schedule

Are you ready to go your destination? Cool! Before starting your journey check out the schedule for train. Whether you going to the right time or not. If you go before long time then you have to many times, or if you go lately you will miss the train. That is why I always say that you should check train timetable before getting ready to start journey. Have a look at the table below for complete schedule.

Name Of Train Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Drutajan express 08:00PM 12:45AM Wednesday
Rangpur express 09:00AM 01:58PM Sunday
Ekota Express 10:00AM 03:03PM Tuesday
Lalmoni Express 10:10PM 03:41AM Friday
Nilsagar Express 08:00 AM 01:06PM Monday

Dhaka To Natore Train Ticket Price

Train service is improving day by day, that’s why ticket far is also increasing slowly. All of ticket price is selected by Bangladesh Railway. So you have to pay it in online or offline. If you buy ticket from online you can pay by credit card or debit card. Nowadays Bkash app is also giving us this facility. If you feel bad in online ticket booking then you can collect it directly from station. There are seven types of ticket available. Ticket price depends on quality of that seat. So collect ticket depending on your budget.

Seats Type Price BDT
Ac Birth 950
AC 640
First Birth 640
Snighda 530
First Seat 420
Shuvon Chair 320
Shuvon 255

AC Berth is the most expensive ticket on those train. The price of the ticket is 950 TK. And shuvon is lower than all others, 255 is the price of this seat. Actually it’s not perfect for man and woman. It is used for carrying commercial product.

Dhaka To Natore Train Distance

The distance between dhaka to natore is more than 200 kilometers by railway. It takes 4-5 hours to reach from one to other station. Every day lot of tourist come from deferent place. Many local people go by train beacouse it’s safe and low costable. Also they can enjoy beauty of nature looking to the train window. Train journey is very enjoyable.

So dear, that was the full article about dhaka to natore train schedule and ticket price. I hope you enjoyed this and found helpful information. Now you have no doubt about this route.

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