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Dhaka To Rangpur Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka To Rangpur Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Train is one of the popular transports in our country Bangladesh. Everyday thousands of people travel from one place to another place by the train. Bangladesh Railway is the only one train services available in our country Bangladesh.

Dhaka is the capital of our country Bangladesh and one of the most dense populated cities in the world. Rangpur is a division of Bangladesh located in the northern part of Bangladesh.

There are many trains available in the route Dhaka to Rangpur. The total length of this route is 334 km approximately.

About Dhaka to Rangpur Train

There is not any direct route for traveling from Dhaka to Rangpur. There will be engine change in some station and junctions. There will be Santahar Railway station, Bogura junction and some other junctions. Now without any more delay , let’s dive into the detailed information about the train service available in the route Dhaka to Rangpur.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train List

Here I am providing you all the name of the trains which are usually working on the route Dhaka to Rangpur. Trains like Dolonchapa, uttarbanga mail etc. are available in this route.

  • Rangpur Express
  • Dolonchapa Express
  • Uttarbanga Mail
  • Ramsagor Express
  • Dinajpur Commuter
  • Lalmoni Commuter
  • Parbatipur Commuter
  • Rangpur Commuter-1
  • Rangpur Commuter-2

Dhaka To Rangpur Train Schedule

Time schedule is very important for traveling by the trains. For a second, you may lose your train for reaching late in the station. Here according to the train name, their numbers and the departure time, the time schedule of all the trains from Dhaka Railway station to Rangpur Railway station are given in the table below.

Train Name Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time
Rangpur Express 771 9.00 AM 7.00 PM
Rangpur Express 772 8.00 PM 6.05 AM

Intercity Train Schedule

The Intercity trains are generally working on the main cities of the country. Here in the following table, the trains available in the route Dhaka to Rangpur which are Intercity trains are given.

Train Name Off Day From Departure  To Arrival 
Dolonchapa Express (767) No Rangpur 16:40 Dinajpur 20:20
Dolonchapa Express (768) No Rangpur 08:11 Santahar 12:20
Rangpur Express (772) Sunday Rangpur 20:00 Dhaka 06:05

Mail Express Train Schedule

Mail express train services are also available in the route Dhaka to Rangpur Railway. It is mentionable that there is no off day of the mail express trains. Here is the time schedule of the mail express trains available in the rail route Dhaka to Rangpur are provided in the table below.

Train Name Off day From Departure  To Arrival 
Uttarbanga Mail (7) No Rangpur 15:42 Panchagar 21:30
Uttarbanga Mail (8) No Rangpur 15:42 Shantahar 22:40
Ramsagar express (59) No Rangpur 10:03 Dinajpur 13:20
Ramsagar express (60) No Rangpur 18:20 Bonarpara 21:45
Dinajpur express (61) No Rangpur 08:11 Birol 10:40
Dinajpur express (62) No Rangpur 13:27 Lalmonirhat 14:50
Lalmoni Commuter (63) No Rangpur 14:02 Parbatipur 15:30
Lamoni Commuter (64) No Rangpur 06:55 Lalmonirhat 08:00
Parbatipur Commuter (69) No Rangpur 18:21 Parbatipur 19:20
Parbatipur Commuter (70) No Rangpur 21:25 Lalmonirhat 22:25
Rangpur Commuter -1 No Rangpur 13:25 Parbatipur 14:20
Rangpur Commuter -2 No Rangpur 10:57 Lalmonirhat 11:50

Dhaka To Rangpur Train Ticket Price

According to different seat categories, the price of the tickets of the trains are different. You will find both AC and non AC seats there in a single train. There are many boggeys for the passengers travelling by the train and the seats differs according to the boggeys.

Here the pricelist of the tickets of the trains available in the route Dhaka to Rangpur according to the seat types are provided in the table below.

Seat Category  Ticket Price 
Shovan 420 Tk
Shovan Chair 505 Tk
1st Class Chair 675 Tk
Snigdha 840 Tk
1st Berth 1010 Tk
AC Seat 1010 Tk
AC Berth 1510 Tk

Online Train Ticket Booking Dhaka to Rangpur

If you want to book the tickets of the train available in the route Dhaka to Rangpur, then you have to follow the given procedures below.

1. At First, go to the Shohoz website.
2. Enter your destination, starting point, and the date.
3. Then, choose the seat number that you want.
4. Then, select the bus ticket.
5. Make payment for the ticket and confirm.
6. Yes, you have done.

Train Route of Dhaka to Rangpur 

Here in your journey from Dhaka to Rangpur, you will face the following stations.

  • Rangpur
  • Kaunia
  • Pirgachha
  • Bamondanga
  • Gaibandha
  • bonarpara
  • Sonatola
  • Bogura
  • Santaher
  • Natore
  • Chatmohor
  • West of the Bangabandhu Bridge
  • East of the Bangabandhu Bridge
  • Airport Station
  • Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Stoppages

Here all the stoppages during the journey from Dhaka to Rangpur by train are given below.


Station Name  Uptime  Downtime
Biman Bandar 09:37 05:35
B-B-East 11:30 05:35
Chatmohar 12:52 03:59
Natore 13:59 01:06
Santahar 15:10 00:05
Bogra 15:54 23:14
Sonatola 16:26 22:44
Bonapara 16:43 22:19
Gaibandha 17:14 21:56
Bamondanga 17:46 21:24
Pirgacha 18:05 21:05
Kaunia 18:22 20:30

Charge to carry goods in The Train

Some instructions and rules regarding your journey by train in this route from the authority are given below. Here are the charges for carrying additional things such as bag and baggage depending on their mass are given.

  • No more than 28 kgs (1 bag) BDT 30
  • No more than 28 kgs (2 bags) BDT 40
  • No more than 37 kg (1 bag) BDT 40
  • No more than 37 kg (2 bags) BDT 50
  • No more than 56 kg (1 bag) BDT 60
  • No more than 56 kgs (2 bags) BDT 80

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Station Contact Number

Here is the contact number of the chief train controller in the route Dhaka to Rangpur is given. If it is necessary, then you can contact with the authority here.

Chief Train Controller 01711691629

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