Dhaka to Sylhet Journey, which is perfect Bus, Train or Air Journey

Dhaka to Sylhet Journey, which is perfect Bus, Train or Air Journey

Known as the city of the northeast corner of the city of excited Sylhet and “the holy place of Hazrat Shahjalal”. It is an exciting sight of the tea capital of Bangladesh and the green shrine of the tea plantation. The whole city is like God’s own garden, air pollution free, food is like mouth water. There are very much helpful environment and warm, you have to go there several times to discover natural beauties of Bangladesh. Not just the city and its surroundings, Madhavkunda’s Shramangal, the Laureate Reserve Forest, the tea-gardens located in the water world are there to attract you.

Sylhet is a land of awesome natural beauty. If you are a traveler, you must visit the natural beauty of Sylhet. There are plenty of places to enjoy your vacation. You can go to Srimangal, Madhav Khando, Shah Jalal Mazhar, Jaflong, Jainantpur, Kane Bridge, Sylhet graveyard and more.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Bus

There are some excellent and comfortable bus services to transport from the capital Sylhet, which is flexible for all classes of people. The roads are smooth, you will be surprised to see the sights and lifestyle on the road side. There are three types of coaches available every half hour from early morning to midnight. The executive AC per seat will cost per 1100-1200 per seat. Another ECONOMONICA AC seat is priced at Tk 750-1000. People use a non-AC chair coach at 350-500 rupees for the budget.

Al Mobarak ParibahanNon AC400
Ena ParibahanNon AC470
Ena ParibahanAC Economy750
Green LineAC Economy950
Green LineAC Executive1250
Hanif EnterpriseNon AC450
Mamun EnterpriseNon AC400
Nazim ParibahanNon AC400
NP ParibahanNon AC400
Ruposi Bangla Paribahan BeanibazarNon AC350
Shohagh ParibahanAC Executive1100
Shohagh ParibahanAC Economy900
Shyamoli ParibahanNon-AC470
Soudia ParibahanNon AC440
Soudia ParibahanAC Executive1100
Soudia ParibahanAC Economy900
Unique ServiceNon AC470
United ParibahanNon AC480

Dhaka to Sylhet By Train

You can take a night journey to save your time, but it will be a mere injustice to your tourist entity.

It might be happy to see the green color of plant and the whole natural beauty if you travel in train.

You discover the green color of the plant’s green color. Near the destination, the gorgeous views of the tea gardens, their working tea workers with a basket on their heads will give you gestures to forget all the gestures and forget them. if you want to spend more time in here, then I recommend you to travel to a train. Bangladesh Railway has four different express trains, which help you to easily travel. Here’s their chart, with schedule and price list.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train

TrainOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
Parabat expressTuesdayDhaka06:40Sylhet13:40
Joyantika expressNoneDhaka12:00Sylhet20:00
Upaban ExpressWednesdayDhaka21:50Sylhet05:30
Surma MailNoneDhaka22:50Sylhet12:00

Sylhet to Dhaka Train

TrainOff dayFromDepartureToArrival
Parabat expressTuesdaySylhet15:00Dhaka22:10
Joyantika expressThursdaySylhet08:20Dhaka16:20
Upaban ExpressNoneSylhet22:00Dhaka05:25
Surma MailNoneSylhet20:10Dhaka10:05

Train Price Rate:

Dhaka to Sylhet 2nd Class General Ticket Price 80 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet 2nd Class Mail Ticket Price 110 BDT.

Dhaka to Sylhet Comuter Ticket Price 135 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet Sulov Ticket Price 160 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet Shovon Ticket Price 265 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet Shovon Chair Ticket Price 320 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet First Class Chair Ticket Price 425 BDT.

Dhaka to Sylhet 1st Birth Ticket Price 640 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet Snigdha Ticket Price 610 BDT.
Dhaka to Sylhet AC Seat Ticket Price 736 BDT.

Dhaka to Sylhet AC Birth Ticket Price 1099 BDT.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Air

If you have saved your time or spend more time with nature, I recommended you to travel in air. It is simple and safe way. There are some companies to travel by air to our fastest medium and travel to Sylhet. Osmani International Airport has the third international airport in Bangladesh which is very professional. Biman is serving government-run airlines and others private sector.

Biman Bangladesh – 2 times a day – 11 am and 5:05 pm – price range 3700 to 7500 (max 40 minutes travel time)

US Bangla Airlines – 2 times a day – 12:35 pm and 19:15pm – price range 3000 to 7000 (max 45 minutes travel time)

Novo Air – 2 times a day – 12:20 pm and 19:15pm – price range 3500 to 6600 (max 50 minutes travel time)

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