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Dhaka to Tangail Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Dhaka to Tangail Train schedule & Online Ticket Price

Looking for a trip from Dhaka to tangail, And worried about train information? No problem! Here the guide for you. Including Dhaka to tangail train schedule and tangail to Dhaka as well. We have also added Dhaka to tangail train ticket price.

Guys, who want to go Dhaka to tangail by train. This article will definitely help him because here we are going to share with you full details about this route. So without further ado just keep reading at the end of article. I think after that you will give a proper idea of your journey.

Dhaka to Tangail Train List

Before we get started, you should know how many train are available in this route and which will be best for your journey. There is 10+ intercity train on Dhaka tangail route, we can go with which one you like. After reading full article you can make decision which train will be comfortable for you. On the below section we included each train details. Now check out the train list:

  1. Sirajgonj Express
  2. Rangpur Express
  3. Dumkatu Express
  4. Nilsagar Express
  5. Chitra Express
  6. Padma Express
  7. Drutajan Express
  8. Silkcity Express
  9. Lalmani Express
  10. Sundarban Express
  11. Ekota Express

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule

Knowing train schedule is the important point when you would like to go with train. People who is reading this, probably it can say that he or she wants to make a journey by train on this route. That’s why I’m giving you the exact schedule for Dhaka to tangail train. One good thing that, on this route many are intercity train.

We know that intercity train is the reliable for trip. On of the most acceptable reason is it has no too much stoppages. In two or three stoppages the train stops including Dhaka, tangail and another one is the middle of route. Have a look at the timetable.

Train Name (Code) Off Day Departure Arrival
Ekota express (705) Tuesday 10:32 12:35
Lalmani express (752) Friday 22:42 12:45
Sundarban express (725) Wednesday 06:52 09:10
Drutajan express (758) Wednesday 20:32 22:45
Silkcity express (754) Sunday 15:12 17:30
Padma express (759) Tuesday 23:42 01:55
Dumketu express (769) Saturday 06:32 08:45
Chitra express (764) Monday 19:32 21:50
Nilsagar Express (765) Monday 08:40 11:00
Sirajgonj express (776) Saturday 17:32 19:50
Rangpur express (771) Sunday 09:32 11:40

Tangail to Dhaka train schedule

After finishing your journey you have to come your home. I mean from tangail to Dhaka, or if you are from tangail and ready to go Dhaka with the train. Then this schedule will pretty helpful for you. On the comeback point the train are same just different between train number and Departure Time, arrival time. For your batter understand I have also mentioned off day of each train. If you want to with any particular train, make sure about off day.

Train Name (Number) Departure Arrival Off Day
Sirajgonj Express (775) 07:58 10:20 Saturday
Chitra Express (763) 15:20 17:50 Monday
NillSagar Express (766) 04:52 07:00 Sunday
Drutajan Express (758) 16:08 18:30 Wednesday
Lalmoni Express (752) 18:47 21:20 Friday
Padma Express (760) 19:30 22:00 Tuesday
Silkcity Express (754) 11:08 13:50 Sunday
Ekota Express (706) 05:42 08:10 Monday
Sundarban Express (725) 03:30 06:00 Tuesday

Dhaka to tangail Train Distance

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and tangail is another popular city. Train distance between Dhaka to tangail is almost 97 kilometers. So it will be little bit long journey, it takes two plus hour to reach destination.

Dhaka To Tangail Commuter Train Schedule

On this route there is also a commuter train available. If you love to visit with it then you can travel on this route comfortably. For this reason I have also included commuter train schedule.

It starts journey from Dhaka at 20.50 and 9.30 AM and after a long journey will reach at 12:00. Like this it leaves Tangail stations at 20.25 and 7.07 AM. It has only one of day that is Friday so you have to be careful about it.

Dhaka to Tangail train wise schedule

If you want to travel with a specific train, you have to know the time table of this exact train. This schedule will be helpful for you. Especially, it will save your time to give you exact time about desired train.

Ekota Express

Generally, Ekota express runs for Dhaka to Dinajpur. You can also travel from Dhaka to Tangail with it in the mid road. If you start journey from Dhaka, the number of trai will be 705 from the other side its 706. It has to off day weekly; Tuesday and Monday. The train starts journey from Dhaka at 10:00 AM and reaches to Biman Bandar within 30 minute. After that, it starts again and reaches on Tangail station within two hours. You can take a seat at 12:30 PM from Tangail station. On the other hand, it reaches from Dinajpur to Tangail at 5:00 PM. You can take a seat on that time. After a long journey of three hours the train goes to destination at 8:00 PM.

Sundarban Express

Generally, Sundarban Express runs in the route of Dhaka to Khulna. You can also travel from Tangail. It takes a break on there. After starting journey from Dhaka at 06:20 AM, it takes a break on Tangail at 08:35 AM. The break continue for almost 15 minutes. On that time you can buy a ticket for Tangail.

On the other hand it’s reach on Tangail from Khulna at 3:30 AM. On that time you will be able to start journey from Tangail. After a long journey of almost three hours, reach to destination at 5:00 AM. It has two off day; Wednesday when it comes to Dhaka to Tangail and Tuesday when it runs from Tangail for Dhaka. The number of train is 725 and 726 Dhaka to Tangail respectively.

Chitra Express

Normally, Chitra Express is the train of Dhaka to Khulna. It runs on the route of Tangail. So it’s possible to Dhaka to Khulna or Khulna to Dhaka with this train. It’s starts journey at 7:30 AM from Dhaka. Within two hours it comes Tangail and take a break. You can take a seat on that time. The train number is 764 on that time.

On the other hand, at 8:30 AM it starts journey from Khulna and take a stoppage on Tangail station 3.30 PM. If you want to start traveling from Tangail, you have to choose a seat on that time. The train number is 765 when it runs targeting Dhaka.

Padma Express

Padma Express train runs from Dhaka to Rajshahi and has stoppage on Tangail station. From Dhaka it starts journey at 11:40 PM. After two hours it reaches a Tangail station at 1:40 AM. If you want to start journey, you should present on that time. The train number is 759 on this destination.

On the other hand, when you want to go from Tangail to Dhaka, it comes with the number 760. It starts journey at 7:30 PM. It takes only two hours to reach Dhaka station. Padma Express has no off day.

Drutojan Express

Drutojan Express train runs from Dhaka to Rajshahi or Rajshahi to Dhaka on the route of Tangail. It takes a break on Tangail. The train starts from Dhaka at 8:30 PM holding the train number 757. When it reaches to Tangail, maybe after two hours; you can get it. This train doesn’t run on Wednesday.

Slik City Express

If you want to start journey from Tangail by Slik City Express, you have to wait on the station. It starts journey from Dhaka at 2:30 PM and takes a break on Tangail. It starts journey from from Rajshahi and takes a break on Tangail station at 11:00 AM with the train number 754. It doesn’t run on Sunday

Lalmoni Express

Lalmoni Express is another train on this route. Lalmoni has two trains with the number of 751 and 752. The train runs six days in a week. Friday is the off day of lalmoni Express. The train starts journey from Dhaka at 10:00 PM. On the other hand it starts journey from Tangail at 6:45 PM. It’s a comfortable train which takes two hours to reach destination.

Tangail commuter

Tangail commuter is a dedicated train from Dhaka to Tangail. It starts journey from Dhaka at 9:30 AM. On the other hand, it starts journey from Tangail at 7:07 AM. Friday is the off day of Tangail commuter.

Rangpur Express

Rangpur Express is another train which runs for Dhaka to Rangpur and has a stoppage on Tangail station. It starts journey from Dhaka station at 9:32 AM and reaches at Tangail within two hours. The train doesn’t run on Sunday. The train number of Rangpur Express is 771.

Dhumketu express

Mainly, Dhumketu express is a intercity train runs for Dhaka to Rajshahi. It has a stoppage on Tangail. When it starts journey from Dhaka, it takes a break on Tangail but it has no stoppage on Tangail when stats from Tangail. So be careful about it. It starts journey from Dhaka at 6:00 and stops on Tangail within two hours.

Sirajganj express

Sirajganj express is a dedicated train for Dhaka to sirajganj. It’s also possible to go Dhaka to Tangail or Tangail to Dhaka because it has a stoppage on Tangail station. It starts journey from Dhaka at 5:00 PM and reaches on Tangail at 7:30 PM holding the number of 775. After a breaking of half an hour, it departs from Tangail station at 08:00 PM. On the other hand it starts journey from Tangail at 08:00 AM morning holding 776 number. It has a off day on Saturday when runs from Tangail and Sunday when runs to Tangail from Dhaka.

Nilsagar Express

Nilsagar Express is a deduction train for Dhaka to Nilphamari. It goes on the route of Tangail. It starts journey from Dhaka 8:40 AM and reaches on Tangail after running two hours. On the other hand, it starts running from Nilphamary at 9:20 PM and takes a break on Tangail at 4:50 AM. If you want to take a seat, you should present before 4:50 on the Tangail station. When it runs from Dhaka to Tangail, the number is 765 and 766 for Tangail to Dhaka.

Mail train

There is a mail also runs on this route. If you want to make a trip with it, you should know the schedule of it. The train starts journey from at 8.42 from Tangail and reaches to Dhaka at 11:00 AM. It has no off day.

Dhaka to tangail train ticket price

Tangail is very popular district on Dhaka division. People goes to Dhaka for their many purpose. On this route people love to visit with train because it is very comfortable and you can feel free when you are travelling because there is no noise.

As I said before, on this route most of the train is intercity. Intercity train has different types of seat class. So ticket price will vary depending on seat classes. On this area there is seven type of seats class available from AC berth to Shuvon. AC breath is most expensive and Shuvon is lower than others. Maybe you could easily understand that AC Berth is more comfortable than others. If you have low budget then you should choice Shuvon. It’s totally depend on you which on you will prefer.

Seat Type Price
AC Berth 315 BDT
AC Seat 210 BDT
Snigdha 210 BDT
First Class Seats 175 BDT
1st Berth 140 BDT
Shovon Chair 105 BDT
Shovon 90 BDT

Make sure all of information adapted from Bangladesh railway station official website, they can’t change it anytime.

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