Excursion to the scenic Balitali in Barguna

Excursion to the scenic Balitali

Baliyatali is a paradise of beauty. A breathtaking view will be found in Barguna Sadar Upazila No. 9 M Baliatli Union. Long Payra, the mouth of the Bishkhali and Baleshwar rivers where they meet the sea. The aesthetic beauty is spread everywhere in this nature. The open air came and embraced it after passing a long way there. As if the rhythm of the wind catches the paw with the mind. Mind and nature compete with each other, who can love whom much. It is like the feeling of tying the mind with a colorful thread and flying it like a kite.

The salt water and clay have nurtured thousands of chaula, keora, geva and garan trees here with utmost care. Like the human family, this nature-family also has a similarity. It seems that the mangrove trees are holding back the soil here like an experienced father. It is as if the father is carefully raising his children on his chest. 

Baliatali is a part of the country’s 710 km sea. Bangladesh Forest Department Barguna Range is maintaining this nature developed in open water area. There are four thousand hectares of forest land. A 15 km long forest area has been created by the free confluence of forest and river. From Baliatli estuary tourist center (local name Chunbunia) to Nishanbaria, everything is full of beauty. Among these, tourism potential has been created at Goka Padma and Mohana Point.

There is free movement of nature. Every animal lives in water and land. Various animals including birds, jackals, pigs, squirrels, gophers, crabs can be seen here. As you walk through the forest to the southern end, you will see a vast body of water. If you stand there, you will see numerous seagoing trawlers. This is the entrance to the sea for the fishermen of this town.

Rakhines live very close to this forest area. In the language of the locals, that place is called ‘Para’. On the way back to the forest, tourists will definitely be able to see this Rakhine settlement.


Bargunar launch leaves from Dhaka at 5 pm. Deck rent per person at the launch is Tk 300. Double cabin 2200 Tk. Single cabin 1200 Tk. Bus fare from Gabtali or Syedabad will cost 500-600 taka per person. These launches or buses will reach Barguna by 8 am. Take hotel on arrival there. Go out on a trip refreshed. Autorickshaw can be reserved from in front of Barguna Press Club to the desired destination of Baliatli. Six to seven people can go in an auto. If you take a reservation, the rent will be 300 to 350 taka. It will take 50 to 60 taka per person.

Eating and living is also necessary

This center has not yet become known as a tourist hub. So there is no hotel or resort to stay in Baliatali. As a result you have to stay in Barguna town in residential hotels, dak bungalows, NGO rest houses. However, you can arrange to eat in small local restaurants and in the homes of locals in a family atmosphere at the travel center for a small amount of money. And yes, eat fresh fish from the local river and thick rice here. You will be satisfied. Reach Barguna town by 8 pm. Do not forget to eat the sweets and bread of Alai Patti in this city. After spending the night in Barguna, you can return to Dhaka by 3 pm launch or 7 pm bus. So on this day you can spend time till noon in travel. You can go on a boat ride along the river Khakdon. You can also go to Haringhata in Patharghata.

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