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Coronavirus- Extra suggestion for prevention of coronavirus

Coronavirus, virus which causes SARS and MERS

coronavirus live update world report 2020

Coronavirus: Extra suggestion for prevention of coronavirus

  • Don’t go out of the house unless you need it most.
  • Work from home if it is possible to work at home without going to work.
  • Keeping distance with everyone. Keep it clean.
  • Keep the cleaning clean, it must be.
  • Again, keep your hands well-cleaned over and over again.
  • Quarantine (set apart from others). This will keep the people around you safe.
  • Collect useful hotline numbers and essential information.
  • Buy the most important things. But remember, don’t buy more than you need.
  • Buy essential medicines.
  • Pay special attention to the sick and the elderly at home.
  • Don’t listen to rumors. Don’t panic. You can decide on something by looking at Authentic News.
  • Contact the appropriate authority if necessary.
  • Keep in mind that disaster cannot be solved by the government alone. Whichever position you need to protect yourself.

The Right Rule of Hand Wash

Anything that uses hand sanitizer to clean hands. Don’t have Washing the soap thoroughly in clean water (at least 20 seconds) will free the hands of life. Where there is no soapy water, you can use a sanitizer to disinfect your hands. In the video below, see the correct rules for cleaning hands with soap.

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