Eye-catching double falls in Bandarban

Eye-catching double falls in Bandarban

The beauty in the folds of the mountains. Even more beauty, in the waterfall in the belly of the mountain. Which is eye-catching, mind-blowing. I wandered for five whole days to enjoy the beauty of this path. I walked from Thanchi in Bandarban to all the inaccessible hills of Ruma Upazila. I saw the magical form of six fountains. I saw the lifestyle of the mountaineers living on the peak, heard their survival stories.

But this hilly path is very difficult. More aesthetic than that though. It is written about the scary and exciting times of life. Today is the sixth episode. Let’s walk from Sunday night to Monday afternoon on the third day of the mountain expedition.

I have walked so many hilly paths all day, my feet are swollen; severe pain It is difficult to move. Leech bite marks on legs. Reached Thaikhyong neighborhood at 8 pm. Now you have to take a bath at the neighborhood water tap. But, there is no energy to walk. Still take a shower.

After bathing, enter the local guide’s mountain wooden house, sit on the bed. Later, I lie down. headache Fatigue throughout the body. At 8:30 PM, our main guide started cooking. Food is prepared, we eat.

After eating Rani Bhai remembered to take medicine. I took a napa and two pain meds. In the meantime the guide said to sleep fast. He said that he should leave before 6 o’clock on Monday morning. Purpose, double falls. It is the name of a fountain. From there you have to go back to Jadipai Jharna.

But, while going to sleep, the leg pain seemed to worsen. burning feet Brother Rubel massaged his feet. Everyone is in the same situation. For a while, everyone told the story of the mountain. After that, I was lying down thinking, I have walked so much all day today, which I have not walked before. new experience There was a great shock over the body.

That morning I left from Saloupi Para of Remakri Prangsa Union in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban. In the morning, we reach Thingdulte neighborhood by climbing one hill after another. After having breakfast there, see three waterfalls in a row and return to Thingdulte neighborhood. We left that neighborhood in the afternoon and reached Thaikhyong neighborhood at 8 pm. From morning to night, the walking distance is long.

Terrible Terrible passed all the mountain paths all day. After overcoming the fear of snakes and leeches, I saw three springs including Tarpi and Tarte. The body asked for rest many times during the long mountain road, but it was not given. Diini means, there was no opportunity to rest. One has to cross the startling hills at a fast pace. All in all, this body condition is very tired. Tired of thinking about these things, when did the body fall asleep; did not understand Wait, get up early.

Monday, 5 am. We are sleepy. Guide’s shout. Eat eggs and vegetables and get out quickly. After eating, I left at 6 in the morning on the way to Double Falls. Finished with the trees, we started our descent from the high pass.

We are walking in stories. Shakil Bhai is having trouble walking. He walked two steps, and put his hands on his knees again. He injured his leg yesterday. Shakil is a man of fickle nature. He will go to this fountain. Even if the leg tissue seems to be torn, the wait for those who are so interested can be hours. We walked slowly with the attitude of taking Shakeel along.

Rani Bhai’s health is good now. Pretty cool. The path I am walking now is more comfortable than on Sunday. But, a tough road ahead beckons. While leaving Dhaka, Rani Bhai said that the main purpose of his journey; See Double Falls and Lung Phir Bha Waterfall. As a result, he too will go to Double Falls. The physical condition of others is almost the same. However, everyone wants to go to this fountain.

Seeing a stream going down like this. From there wet the throat and rest for five minutes. I am eating dates and mangosteen to save energy We continued to walk over rocky ledges and mud. Look at the legs, as always, there are leeches.

The sound of the fountain is ringing in the distance. Mind blowing sound. After a short walk, we are standing right at the head of the double falls. It can be seen that almost one hundred percent of the steep rocky hills from top to bottom. A bifurcated stream cascades down from the mountain. Great view, enjoyable.

Double falls also known as ‘Tlabong’ falls. This is bomb sound. Meaning, a basin or hole for catching water. It is so named because of the well formed by the spring water falling down. The basic difference between Tlabong and other fountains is that the water comes from two directions. A two-way spring is formed from two streams named Prangsa and Pankhiang. Two streams are flowing down at high speed.

Summer, monsoon or winter in the double falls; Water is always visible. From this spring originates the rocky Remakri Canal. I heard from Bomad, many years ago the mountain terrorists of Mizoram used to kill people and throw them down from the top of this fountain. Mizoram is a state in northeastern India. The incident of dumping the dead body almost happened As a result, the terrible appearance of this place to the hillmen is history today.

Right from where the terrorists used to throw people down after killing them, I am now standing there. Falling down from here is death. Surrounded by mountains and forests. Silence Nice view, started making videos. At this time, Brother Rubel said, ‘Are you going to jail us? Will you survive if you fall from here?’ Move carefully from there.

The time is now 7:30 am. From above, it seems that it will take two to five minutes to go down the waterfall. But, that is not the case. The guide said, there is no chance to go down straight. To get down you have to climb another steep hill. Then go down the other way. While climbing the hill, carefully cross a stream. Getting up, the body is getting tired; Throat is dry, drinking water. Sometimes it is so difficult that I want to sit down and read. I’m walking even though it’s hard.

After climbing to the top of the mountain, it’s time to come down. I am going down slowly holding vines and leaves and trees. Unable to cope with the lure of the scene, I am re-videoing, taking pictures. I stumbled first while going down. about to fall. I put the phone in the bag in fear. A sudden burst of rain. When it rains, the normal mountain path becomes slippery. As a result, it becomes difficult to walk.

Shakil Bhai is walking around. Once the foot slips in the mud. Luckily he survived. We are very careful when walking. My feet slipped again. Luckily there was a tree in front! Trying to get down with a stick, moving. As a result, fearing danger, the guide descends to sit on the ground.

We step down on the spot given by the guide. So that the foot does not move and I can cross this path without danger. Yet fear is fearing. Usually it is more difficult to climb the mountain but now it is more difficult to come down. Because the path we are going down is steep. It is also slippery. Having to step carefully. Danger if you slip.

Crossing this dangerous path, we are now right in front of the waterfall. I am standing, Guide, Prince, Shakeel, Kamal, Sanjid, Rubel and Rani Bhai. Looking at the clock and thinking, it took 30 minutes to go down from the top of the fountain to the bottom. The time is now 8 am. Standing and watching the beauty of the two streams of the fountain. Ah, a sight to behold. There are so many beautiful fountains in our country!

I am standing, the fountain is calling with a sound. Excited by this, the mind calmly sits and says, as much as I have suffered the body to come so far; The body is even more enraptured by the beauty of the fountain. A cold feeling is playing in the mind. Peace in the eyes. Now I am watching the scene with my eyes on the mobile phone. describing Strangely beautiful, magical.

The chirping of various kinds of insects and the sound of fountains created a different atmosphere. As far as I have walked on the mountain path, I have heard the chirping of various kinds of insects. Be it day or night. This chirping is sometimes sweet, sometimes it is like shivering. This atmosphere is the beauty of the mountain road.

The beginning of light rain again. The form of the fountain changes in the rain and becomes more magical. I am standing It is not too late, one by one seven people fell into the water in front of the fountain. Jumping and jumping. I am showing everyone’s pictures individually. There is a big hole where the spring water is falling. A hole in the rock.

I called, no one wants to go to the pit. We are already cautious about snakes. I remembered the old fountain. The guide did not let me down because there was a snake in the hole. But, this time the decision is ripe. If you agree, I will dive into the hole, if you don’t, I will. I called a fellow passenger again. He shall not go down into the fountain.

I swam alone near the stream, sat on a rock. Then one after another dive into the well. At that time I was so excited that the glasses on my head fell off; I don’t know The glasses were gifted by someone. However, the glasses were immediately purchased with his own pocket money. Because the gift giver was not around then. I did not even notice that I will go down the well with glasses.

I’m going to dive into the well. As if drowning the body and soaking the mind. Suddenly the call of a frog rang in the ear. I looked around, I have never seen such a big frog before. The stones in the well are black. I came back to the fountain with a satisfied mind from the well. Ah, the body is as if Pekham met. Everyone is happily taking pictures. I have started making videos again, Rani Bhai in the frame.

Rani Bhai’s joy is worth watching. Pouring water. When the video is finished, I will also take pictures. Brother is also standing around. After some time, I sat down in the stream of the fountain. I see, the fountain is decorated with its natural beauty! We are thrilled, delighted. In this way, we were fascinated by the beauty of the double falls for more than an hour.

Now it’s time to leave for Thaikhung Para. Although it seems, spend a little more time here. But, you have to go. The distance to Jadipai Jharna is long. You have to walk for several hours. As a result, we all started climbing the mountain one by one after leaving the fountain. Walking along the slippery path in the rain.

Climbing up the mountain we are now right at the top of Double Falls. After standing for a while, I started going down from here. I asked Rubel brother to come down, how did you feel? Brother said, ‘Thanks to God, we have been able to come so far. I’m going back well.’ He said with a smile, ‘The case is over, the money is wasted!’

We have crossed Jhiri and walked a little different way. At the beginning I started walking up a hill. Ripe paddy fields all around. Walking through the narrow path of the field wrapped in yellow-green. Walking down the path again. After crossing Jhiri, we started climbing the high mountain. Walking around 11 o’clock we reached Thaikhong neighborhood. The neighborhood is incredibly beautiful. very tidy The streets of the neighborhood are also very shiny. As if there is no dirt anywhere.

I just entered the wooden house after reaching the neighborhood. The guide said to keep the bag, now we have to leave for Jadipai Jharna. But, I am thinking of spending at least two nights in this neighborhood. Thinking, spending time with locals; Hear their stories of survival. Not only that, the sense of life from their lifestyle; I am interested in seeing or understanding these things.

Consequently, I will not go to Jadipai Jharna; I informed that. Rani Bhai will not go, his decision is earlier. Now Shakil and Rubel brothers joined us. They also said that they will not go. We will see Baktlai Jharna tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and leave for Dhaka at night. But, tonight we will spend the night in the stories of Thaikhong neighborhood.

Kamal, Arif and Sanjid Bhai, the guide left for Jadipai Jharna. We clean the body lightly with a little water. After lunch I lost in the state of sleep. Ah, after four days this is the first opportunity for us to rest at will. Now waiting to wake up. Waiting, from the afternoon to enjoy the story of Pahari Para.

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