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Fashionable rivers, boats, fish and life

Fashionable rivers, boats, fish and life

Fashionable rivers, boats, fish and life

Fashionable rivers, boats, fish and life

The river itself is a unique life with the rise and fall of the waves, the breaking of the banks. Many diverse lives, livelihoods and cultures of people have developed around this fickle river. As in our country, how many differences and diversity of river-centered life is divided between north and south.

I visited Charfashan in island district Bhola, Manpura and Nijhum island in Noakhali and Hatia. Today in the first episode there is a Charfashion travel experience.

At the end of a pleasant night journey by launch from Dhaka, we reached our first destination, Charfashan, at dawn. Upon reaching the city, the tall, picturesque Jacob Tower came into view. At night, it becomes mesmerizing with the flash of light, chatter and noise around it. With its height, the Jacob Tower has also reached a unique height.

The Meghna merges here with the Bay of Bengal. And the wave of life of the people here has become one in harmony with the wave of Meghna. Here river is life, life is river. There is no way to separate the river from the life here. I don’t even want to see.

To understand the closeness of the river with the life of the people here, one has to visit the fish landing spots. Several ghats including Samraj Ghat, Madras Ghat, Kachhpiya Ghat, Baksi Ghat were visited and people associated with them were talked to. Samraj Ghat is the biggest among them.

If you step on the ghats, you will see more than three things; People, all kinds of unknown fish and hundreds of small boats. It was learned from Alauddin Bhai, the secretary of Samraj Ghat Fishermen’s Association, that there are about 100 fishermen and 2000 fishing boats at this ghat. An average of 10 to 15 fishermen work in each boat. Thousands of people work in fish trade, transport, other related activities like ice mills etc.

This is only about one ghat, the others are more or less the same. In short, a river, thousands of boats and the lives of millions of people have become one here together.

As far as the eye can see, there is only water, the waves sparkling in the sunlight, hundreds of boats flying colorful flags at the pier, there is no other way but to stare in awe.

Boats laden with fish crowd the wharf, fish are being sold at auctions, and the noise and bustle is overwhelming. A boat is leaving again for a few days on the river, from the river to the sea. Fishermen sitting on the banks diligently mending their nets. Actually everyone is working with dedication. Otherwise, the wave of life will not rise with this strong wave. Salutations to this struggle of the people here, eternal love to the mighty Meghna who has become the life of people. Love the river, the river will love you. Take care of nature, nature will take care of you.

how to go

Many launches leave from Sadarghat launch terminal for southern destinations every day. We boarded MV Farhan 5 which left at 8pm and reached Charfashan’s Betua Ghat early in the morning. From there it is a few minutes drive to the hotel. Single AC cabin rent is 1000 taka, family cabin rent is 3000-4000 taka. Apart from that, tickets of Tk 200 and Tk 300 can be used for first class and second class decks. There is also a facility to book cabins by phone. I traveled from one place of the island to another on a rented motorcycle.

overnight stay

There are several hotels to stay in Charfashion, we stayed at Hotel Green Palace. If you go in the off season, you will get it.


It would be wise to go to the land of fish and taste different types of fish. I have tasted different types of fish including hilsa, poa, bata, shrimp, cheua, river pangas, and eaten Bhola’s famous buffalo milk curd. Don’t forget to eat. But advise not to eat in fish ghat hotels, most of them are not healthy. They will buy fish of your choice and cook it at the hotel.

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