Guest in the kingdom of birds

Guest in the kingdom of birds

Flocks of birds are flying in the blue horizon. Sometimes the guests of winter are walking quietly in the water of the lake, sometimes together in the sky. This scene shows that Jahangirnagar University campus is now full of visiting birds.

Everyone woke up to the chirping of the guest bird. It can be said that students and campus residents get a rare opportunity to live with guest birds in winter. A heart-touching sight of various species of birds from distant Siberia among the blood-red flowers.

With the arrival of birds, the lakes covered with sheets of red beetroot become beautiful. The chirping of the birds and the mild mood of winter are making the nature lovers lively. The scene of them killing each other gives extra pleasure to all ages.

Among the birds that visit the Jahangirnagar University are the Sarali, Pochard, Flycatcher, Gargany, Chhota Jiria, Hen, Kombadak and Patari. Apart from this, other species of birds include Manikjor, Kalai, Chhota nag, Jalpipi, Nakta, Khanjana, Cheetahupi, Red Gurguti etc.

This green campus is free from the mechanization and dust of busy city life. The chirping of thousands of guest birds, the chirping of water, the beauty of flying happily in the sky of the entire campus cannot be understood without seeing it with your own eyes.

Hundreds of local and foreign bird lovers throng this campus every day to see this rare sight of nature. Some come in groups, some come in families. You can also visit and get lost for a while in the colorful fair of visiting birds. You can enjoy the tender touch of visiting birds from different parts of the world in the middle of the beautiful lake.

Campus is closed on Friday and Saturday. These two days are perfect time to visit the campus. At this time more crowd of guests can be noticed. Vans and rickshaws are available to move around the campus. About six people can sit together in the van.


A place called Battala of the university is well known for its variety of bhartas and delicacies. These foods are available at affordable prices. Apart from this, winter cakes are sitting in different places.

how to go

Jahangirnagar University is located on the west side of the Dhaka-Aricha highway at a distance of 32 km from the capital. There are bus services from almost all parts of Dhaka. From Mirpur-10 (History and Capital) 35 Taka, from Motijheel (Welcome) 50 Taka, from Malibagh (Labbaik) 50 Taka, from Gulshan (Agdoot) 50 Taka, from Abdullahpur to the campus via Nabinagar.

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