Historic Murshidabad tour

Historic Murshidabad tour

If the world is a little generous and returns our normal life, many people will want to run to different places, it is very natural. But it doesn’t seem like it would be right to run somewhere far away at the end of such a global pandemic. So if everything is a bit normal, you can visit our very close Palashir desert, Amrakanan, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, Sirajuddaula, Mirzafar and Jagat Seth’s historical city from Murshidabad, which is very close to us. This event is in commemoration of the historic Palashi Day on June 23.

A very quick expedition can complete this historical and aesthetic journey. What you can see, touch, enjoy and realize in this short trip, one of them is-

Hazarduari Palace: Historical building of Bengal during British rule. Which continues to bear the testimony of those days even after so many years. Hazarduari is a building, which from a distance seems to be a combination of thousands of doors, probably this palace! Even everything inside this palace is attractive and aesthetic. But Hazarduari is closed on Fridays, it must be remembered.

Rose Garden: An undeniably beautiful place for the Nawab to spend leisurely and luxurious afternoons. A surprising arrangement of hundreds of roses and a huge garden, its color, shape, smell as if waiting for the Nawab every day!

Nawab’s garden house: Nawab! Really Nawab, otherwise someone would make such a large arrangement garden house! How vast is the size of the garden house, the entrance, the house, the porch, the furniture, the decorations, and the pond! I really don’t want to go back after seeing it. I want to dress myself as Nawab and stay there!

Mirzafar’s house: The feeling of going to Nawab’s garden house, here is exactly the opposite. Seeing the gate of Mirzafar’s house, the eyes and face curled up in disgust! I don’t want to go inside and see the residence of the big traitor of Bengal! It is a pity that if Ish Mirzafar had not existed, the reign of the Nawabs of Bengal would not have ended even today. Maybe that good time was still going on all over Bengal!

After that you can see Nawab’s daughters’ burial ground, Nawab’s family mosque, Mirzafar’s mosque, huge Ambagan, you can touch the water of historical Bhagirathi river one by one. After seeing these, the afternoon will pass. After a little rest, you can visit Imambara, Katra Mosque, Laldighi, Kashimbazar, Jagat Seth’s memory. Before evening, you can sit in the shade of trees on the bank of Bhagirathi river. If you have time on the way back, you can enjoy the various achievements of the kings of that time and the memories of various art and culture.

Some other things will be seen in various places on the way, from which you cannot ignore yourself and return. Every brick, stone, peeling plaster, rusted cornice, broken balcony, decaying roof of the old building hides many unknown stories of history. People who want to talk, but don’t get a chance to talk in our busy schedule. So after that, I will go to see, hear, understand, think and touch and feel their history in detail, taking a lot of time.

Here is a brief picture of historical Murshidabad. What I saw, felt and understood in a short time. June 23 is Palashi Day. A memorial album was written to commemorate that day.

How to go: The easiest and closest is the Sona Mosque of Chapainawabganj if you can go through the border. Murshidabad can be reached within one to one and a half hours from here. And you can take the train to Ranaghat and change the train to Murshidabad. You can go by train or bus from Kolkata. Food and living will be within the means.

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