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How to Protect Myself from The Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus, virus which causes SARS and MERS

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How to Protect Myself from The Novel Coronavirus

Experts offer some precautionary measures to prevent the infection. If you take these precautions, your chances of getting infected with the Corona virus will be somewhat reduced.

Hand Wash: Repeatedly wash hands with soapy water or alcohol based hand sanitizer as needed. After coming from outside, catching something that has germs, after coming in contact with someone infected. That means you have to keep your hands virus free everywhere. Experts must adhere to this advice to prevent corona.

Avoid touching the mouth: Avoid touching the face, nose and eyes with your hands. Because the hand touches many things and the virus can come in handy. If you have a virus in your hand, it can increase the risk of infection by touching the mouth, nose or eyes. You should wash your hands thoroughly whenever you need to touch them.

Social Detention: Avoid potential people who may be infected or infected. Must be at least 5 meters (3 feet) away. Not just the person affected, but if possible distance from everyone should talk or move.

Adherence to Etiquette: You should practice cough etiquette when attacked. The face should be covered during sneezing. The cuff should not be spit in there. Tissue should be used and discarded in the appropriate places.

Avoid: The areas where people gather more often should be avoided. All kinds of meetings, processions, social events should be avoided. In a word, people should avoid crowding.

Mass transit: Public transportation should be avoided. If it is not possible at once, you must move with caution and use masks.

Avoid touching: Do not touch the cover or thing that many people touch. Things that are used in public should be careful before touching hands or otherwise. Computer, keyboard and mouse should be cleaned with antibiotics before sitting at a public office desk. Also listed are elevator buttons, railing, public space door handle, knobs, hotel restaurant glass, tea cups. Be careful before using anything that may contain a virus at all, and wash your hands with sanitizer or soap.

After Exiting: Enter your room and use it when entering from outside. Make a habit of changing to a specific room and thoroughly wash hands and open space with soapy water. If you feel the need to do it, do not use it again without cleaning. Leave the habit of sitting in bed or on the sofa with outerwear on.

Utilities: You have to touch your handy things like mobiles, wallets, water bottles, glasses, pens, tea. Use as little as possible sanitizing the pressure, etc.

Usage of the mask: The slightest protection can be achieved by wearing a mask on the face. Face masks can provide some protection against coronary virus fluids such as swelling and coughing. But it is not possible to prevent the virus from being infected. However, the person who is infected with the virus must use a mask.

Money: Banknotes or money may contain various microbes. Experts also say the possibility of spreading infectious diseases through bank notes. So wash your hands and be aware when you grab them with money.

Greetings : Corona virus can also be spread by rubbing and rubbing. Experts advise you not to use coriander and coagula.

Use algae: Separate indoor and outdoor items. Do not use indoor clothing such as outside. Be careful not to mix the exterior with household items.

Special care for children and the senior citizens: Special care should be taken on older people, especially those with other diseases. The mortality rate is much higher when older people are infected.

The virus is an invisible subject. It is not possible to say for sure how this will affect you. However, experts suggest that the key to everything is to keep yourself clean. Do not touch your face without washing your hands. It is very important to thoroughly clean your hands regularly to prevent infection. Be self-cleaning and make everyone around you aware of the cleanliness.

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