Humayun Ahmed’s Nuhash village of dreams

Humayun Ahmed’s Nuhash village of dreams

midst the busyness of city life, the mind wants to take a breath of relief. So one can go around the city, which will relieve the tiredness of your monotonous busy life. One such place is ‘Nuhash Palli’, closest to Dhaka. You can reach very easily. You can visit Nuhash Palli with your loved ones, family and friends on holidays.

Nuhash Palli, established on about 40 bighas of land, is located in the Gazipur district of the capital Dhaka, which is mainly known as the shooting spot of Nuhash movie and a family entertainment center. It is a recreation center with various establishments, numerous fruit, forest and medicinal plant gardens in a village called Piruzali in Hotapara area, about 20 km from Chandina Chowrasta in Gazipur district. Which Humayun Ahmed named after his son Nuhash and tried to build it as a dream world by mixing the sweetness of mind.  

Which is in Nuhash village:

A little further down from the main road and through the Shalban, you will come across a variety of shops selling various types of cottage industry goods and children’s toys and food stalls. Then the main gate of Nuhash village. As soon as you enter through the main gate, you will see a large field covered with green grass and a large shefali tree. Adjacent to this is the Paka Basat Ghar/Bungalow (Humayun Ahmed’s favorite residence, the White House), in front of which a mural of a worried Humayun Ahmed can be seen. Humayun Ahmed’s first wife Gultekin and her son Nuhash’s sculpture (mother and son sculpture) stand on the right side of the main gate. Here there is a canopy to relax and an oval shaped swimming pool designed in organic form.

Then a little ahead on the right hand side there is a large garden of various trees. Adjacent to the date palm garden on the eastern side of the garden is a sophisticated house called ‘Bristibilas’. Its roof is made of tin. This arrangement is to sit here and listen to the sound of rain. Besides, there is another two-room modern bungalow called ‘Bhoot Vilas’ on the bank of Dighi, a little away from Rain Vilas for quiet time.

One of the main attractions of Nuhash Palli is the large-scale ‘Lilavati Dighi’, built in ancient style and connected by two modern ghats. There are different types of trees on the banks around this lake. There is an island in the middle of the pond, with a few coconut trees adding to the beauty of the island. A bamboo and wooden sako has been made to go here by Bhoot Bilas. Sakoti is now a bit shaky though.

Nuhash Palli has about 25 species of trees, medicinal plants garden, Humayun Ahmed’s cottage, treehouse, shooting studio made of clay and tin and room for playing chess and praying. In front of the rain villa, in the middle of the green field, there are two small cottages built of wood on a big tree, with stairs painted in different colors to climb up.

A beautiful mermaid is made of stone in the cool water lake with Humayun Ahmed’s bust and burial place in Nuhash Palli. Next to it there is also a huge demon statue.

There are also a variety of attractions including prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs made of concrete, replicas of chess pieces, various types of pigeons and houses, mud houses and water wells, lotus ponds, canopies for sitting, giant frog umbrellas made of concrete, swings, mud walls and tree houses. Totally three bungalows with all architecture and shalban, orchid garden.

How to go to Nuhash Palli:

No matter where you want to go from in Bangladesh, you can first get off at Chandina Chowrasta in Gazipur. And from Mymensingh, Netrakona or Sherpur you will actually get down at Hotapara bus stand in Gazipur. If you get down at the crossroads, then from there you have to board various minibuses and go to Hotapara with a fare of 20-30 taka. But you can also go with CNG. Then you can go to Nuhash Palli by CNG or Laguna or auto rickshaw from Hotapara. In this case, the fare will be Rs. 30-40 per person. And if you reserve an autorickshaw or CNG, it will cost 150-200 taka.

Ticket price and schedule:

Nuhash Palli is open to visitors throughout the year without any weekly closure. Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. Here the entry fee per person above 12 years is Tk 200. But on the day of the year i.e. November 13 (Humayun Ahmed’s birthday) and July 19 (death anniversary) Nuhash Palli is opened for all, then anyone can enter without a ticket.

Another important information is that Nuhash Palli is open daily for all visitors from April to November of the year. But from November to March the rent is for picnics. A maximum of 300 people can come in a group for picnic per day. 60,000 taka for picnic on public holidays, and 50,000 taka on other days (this time the amount may be increased).

However, in the case of an educational institution, the rent for a picnic on public holidays will be 50 thousand taka, on other days it will be 40 thousand taka (this time the amount may be increased).


There is no overnight accommodation in Nuhash Palli. However, during the time Nuhash Palli is open, there is a rest facility for the visitors at the bungalow named Rain Vilas. Besides, you can spend time in the bungalow called Bhoot Vilas for 3 to 5 thousand taka.

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