In the blue water of Lalakhal

In the blue water of Lalakhal

Woke up suddenly at 5 am. With the sound of heavy rain, I pulled the warm clothes a little more in the cold air blowing through the ventilator. Still, the situation is not going away. Suddenly his eyes fell on the clock. No time to lie down, must leave the bed now. At 7 am we started our journey towards the destination. Have to stop at Haripur Bazar, where special breakfast is arranged for us. The car was stopped at Haripur Bazar. Rice flour bread with chicken. At first, I felt a little bad about the cleanliness, but later, with the food in my mouth, that idea was proved wrong. Great taste. Desi chicken meat and Bata masala is used in it.

Anyway, crossing the path, we reached Sarighat. Arriving at Sarighat, everyone’s attention is focused on the monolova view of the river. We floated our tari in the blue waters of Lalakhal. We sat on the top of the boat to see the beauty of Sari river and Dudhar. Now it’s time to look around. The mountains of Meghalaya can be seen in the distance. The green water of the river, the sand-laden boats, the occasional activity of the rural people, the lifestyle of the people centered on the river; All will be enjoyable in Lalakhal Yatra. This spectacular place will fill anyone’s mind. The clear colored waters and the breathtaking beauty of Dudhar make boat trips attractive to any tourist. Lalakhal is such a lonely mind-blowing place. We started to see the lifestyle of the people on the banks of the river. It is again a part of Lalakhal tea garden.

First, the boat took us to Zero Point, where the India-Bangladesh border post is located. Our boatman pointed to a rock and said, “This is the border.” We got off the boat and got busy taking pictures. After taking pictures there, we came to the next destination Lalakhal tea garden. This is the boundary stone, how can anyone understand that it is a stone marking the border of two countries? The dunes in front of the eyes and the raft of clouds in between are something special for any beauty lover. For example, this tree below, whose beauty captivated me. Dazzling green under the blue sky, the surroundings of the tea garden seemed unearthly to us. We were walking around in silence. I want to go back again and again in the midst of such beauty. After spending an hour in that nature, we returned to the boat, this time we have to return. So what else, to move forward through the chest of that magical blue water and look in awe.

If you want to go

If you want to go to Lalakhal, the fare from Dhaka to Sylhet by bus or train is Tk 400 to Tk 1,200. Later, you can hire a microbus bus and go directly to Sarighat, the fare will be Tk 2,000 to Tk 2,500 or take a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw from the front of Shishu Park in Sylhet, take a bus from Laguna or Jaflong and go to Sarighat along the Sylhet-Tamabil road, the fare will be Tk 200 per person. Then take a boat to Lalakhal for the whole day and rent from 1,500 to 1,800 taka.


Avoiding mishaps is essential for uninterrupted enjoyment of any trip. Extra caution is required when going to Lalakhal with strange blue water and dense forest. Keep in mind the depth of the water while entering the water. A guide or accompanying person can be consulted if needed. And in case of small children, extra precautions should be taken. It is better not to put them in the water before or after evening.

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