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In the forest of Madhavpur in Bangladesh by bicycle

In the forest of Madhavpur in Bangladesh by bicycle

In the forest of Madhavpur in Bangladesh by bicycle

In the forest of Madhavpur in Bangladesh by bicycle

Pollution free as it is outside the locality. Already I see Khokonda and the gardener have lit the bonfire together. A large fireplace. We also brought dry wood from around to make the fire bigger. Then we all sat around the fire. Hasib Bhai and Khokonda hang the hammock on the tree, swinging in it for fun. Chat and story started. How did the ghost story come about? On the one hand, the dark environment of deep forest mountains and lake without people, all in all, it is a dark environment. The people in the garden also seem to have left. After that, I was forced to stop the ghost story and tell the story of the bicycle trip.

It was 9 o’clock at night. The garden cook has not yet returned from the market. Who knows what the boy is doing. Meanwhile, everyone is hungry. A packet of chips, Chanachur and half a liter of Coca-Cola came out of everyone’s bags. It disappeared instantly in our stomach. Walking along the edge of the lake when I was hungry, I discovered that there are many fish in the lake, especially shrimp. Well, where does it go? I became a prisoner. We all caught several fish. Later I boiled that fish and ate it. After a while, I saw that the garden cook had returned from the market. When he arrived, he grabbed another stove. Started cooking. We happily chatted again. I sang two songs on everyone’s request. The night grew and at one point the cooking was over. Everyone brought their water bottles from the lake to eat rice. The arrangement is not too much; White rice, ground chicken, Dal and salad. The cook’s hands are not bad. It was better to eat because of the environment. I played to my heart’s content. Rumors continued for a long time while eating.

Many are sleepy. But Khokanda said, you can’t sleep so soon. So the chat continued. The night is deep now. It feels quite cold. Anyway, at some point the event broke up. Alkada first, then everyone slowly entered the tent. The cook and his son went into their own tent and we went into our camping tent. The gardener said he would keep watch all night, the manager of the garden had strict instructions so that we would not have any trouble. So I went to sleep with peace of mind. It looked great. Silent mountain night. There is no sound except for the nocturnal bird and the call of the fox in the distance. This is the first time in my life camping in a real mountain forest. A true adventure. I felt the rain falling on the tent while lying down. We are the only ones in this mountain lake in Madhavpur. When he fell asleep while talking small stories. It was quite cold. So I got up and took off the raincoat. I made the backpack a pillow and slept. I did not realize when I fell asleep.

After waking up, I saw that it was morning. The bonfire now emits light smoke. Chhotan got up before me and took photography. He has a lot of followers on Facebook. What happens if you don’t post on the bdcyclist Facebook page hour after hour. The rest are still sleeping in tents. After washing my hands and face, I also left the tent and went out for a morning walk on the mountain trail. It was great to walk along the hilly path. This is not the huge mountain of Bandarban which will be more difficult to climb. And tourists do not come to Madhavpur so early in the morning; So I started looking around peacefully. From the highest point I saw the border of India and on the left the Juri forest range. It is a very deep forest. There are some wild trails here, which cross Bangladesh into India’s Tripura or Assam. I did not realize when the two hours had passed. This is the effect of the beautiful mountain forest.

Sambit returned to the sound of tourists coming. I slowly returned to the camp. On the way, I saw Durjoy gossiping with a village girl as usual. Whatever the blessed boy! The rest have already gone up. The cook brought tea. I got tea leaves with it. The stuff is made by mixing young tea leaves, green chillies, chanachur and onion. Great to eat. We play rough. After the tea session we had a photography session. Uphill and downhill campsites, everything was photographed. Some acting is also necessary. The cook called for breakfast. Fried khichuri and egg. Hey, just kidding everyone. After resting for a while, I set up my tent and made my way back through the Lauachhara forest. Alkada and Khokandar are well known in this area. So I was driving slowly. Somewhere in the forest I saw a path, somewhere there are stones. All offroad and hilly, So everyone has made the bicycle gear 1*3. We crossed several pools. On the way I bought pineapples and lemons from a pineapple garden. I cut some in the garden. Very sweet and juicy. After that I reached Srimangal through the tea garden without stopping.

The rain didn’t come anymore, it was 12 o’clock on the clock. We all went to Pansi again. To top off the last meal, we all had lunch with Chicken Biryani Cold Dinks and Phirni. After lunch I thanked Khokanda and Alkada and said goodbye. This tour would never have been possible without their support. I promised we will come again. Tried to book train tickets to make the return journey more memorable. I knew there is a Parabat Express at 5 PM from Srimangal, which reaches Dhaka Kamalapur at 9 PM. But I got only two tickets and we were four. So we left the train on the advice of bus driver Chotan and left for Dhaka by bus. I reached the staff road of Dhaka by 9 pm. Near Chhotan’s house, he quickly got off with his bicycle. Meanwhile, It’s jammed. The car doesn’t move anymore. After seeing an hour, we also got down from the bus. I fell into trouble with the pineapples bought from the garden. Finally, I tied them with a rope and hung them on the handle of the bicycle.

It was already night, so I continued towards Trimohani through Sekh place. Empty highway, there are not many houses around in this area. It was a little scary. Fearing a possible mugging, we drove very fast. Haseeb Bhai’s pineapple was torn and lost in the darkness. But I did not dare to stand. I slowly reached the road to Basabo Mothertech and was safe to say the least. After picking up Durjoy and Hasib bhai on the road of Khilgaon, I also reached home at 11 pm. And thus successfully ended our unforgettable tea garden camping ride of two days and two nights. I want to go again very soon to Mayavi Srimangal, the hilly Madhavpur tea garden by the lake and forest. Winter is coming. What, will go with us? So keep an eye friends on Facebook page and keep cycling.

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