In the land of white stone in Bholaganj, Sylhet

In the land of white stone in Bholaganj, Sylhet

As far as the eye can see, white rocks on both sides, clear blue water in the middle and mountain-cloud embrace. This is like a paradise of nature. Stream of water coming down from Cherrapunji in Meghalaya beyond, with white rocks below. A canvas of strange beauty surrounds these. To see this beauty, you have to go to zero point in Bholaganj, Sylhet.

what you see

As you move forward on the road, the state of Meghalaya and the Khasia-Jainta hills will be clear in front of your eyes. Vast mountains, the blue of the sky mixed with it. Patchy white clouds on the sky. Bholaganj Bazar is crossed by Dhalai river amidst this natural beauty. After that the zero point will be clear in front of the eyes. Apart from this, as the vision expands to the zero point, there are stones and stones all around. All stones here are white. There is also a row of stone lifting boats. The green mountains in front, the clear cool water of the raging stream and the white rocks rolling down with the water. It is nature’s own canvas. Every day tourists flock to enjoy that canvas. Swim with joy in the clear water flowing over the white rocks. Tourists forget all the fatigue and return with satisfaction.

how to go

CNG powered autorickshaws run from Ambarkhana in Sylhet city on the Sylhet-Kompaniganj route. 200 taka per person to go down to Tuk Bazar in Companyganj. From Tuk Bazar you can take a trawler to the zero point of Bholaganj, the land of white stones. After reaching Companyganj, it will take about 30 minutes to reach Sada Pathar by trawler from Tuk Bazar Ghat. Round-trip boat fare will cost 1,000-1,200 taka. Apart from that, you can also rent a microbus, the rent will be Tk 5,000 to 7,000.

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