Jaflong is a paradise of beauty

Jaflong is a paradise of beauty

Dauki river touches the foot of the hill. The clear, cool, blue water moves nature lovers. The water of Dauki River is as cold as Himalayan ice at the waterfall of Dauki Hill. Black and white stones lying on the river bed. Jaflong Zero Point, known as nature’s daughter of Sylhet, has become beautiful in this mixture of mountains, green nature, stones, and the strange colors of the river. This is like heaven.

Located at the foothills of Khasia Jainta Hills on the border of Bangladesh and India, Jaflong is a wonderful land of natural beauty. The piles of stones lying on the banks of the river have made Jaflong more attractive.

what you see

Across the border, the Indian hill-hills, the continuous waterfall from the Dauki Hills, the hanging Dauki Bridge, the crystal clear water of the Dauki River, the dense forest and the serene silence of the high mountains attract domestic and foreign tourists.

The huge boulders attached to the mountain have created a strange scene in Jaflong. From very close you can see some beautiful houses standing on the hill. The view on the north side is like this, but the view on the east side is more amazing. Dauki hanging bridge is another diverse form of nature in Jaflong. Thousands of tourists flock here every day to enjoy this enchanting beauty of nature.

It can be seen from the hills of Bangladesh that the houses are standing strangely in the high and low places of the hills of India. Then the blue sky, the nature of the mountain top is like a unity. This scene creates a different obsession in the mind.

how to go  

You have to go to Sylhet first by bus or train from Dhaka. The bus will depart from Syedabad Bus Terminal for Sylhet. You can also go to Sylhet by train from airport or Kamalapur railway station. After reaching Sylhet, you have to go to Jaflong bus station. From there there are hourly gatelock service buses to Jaflong. In this case, you will have to pay 1000 taka for traveling.

place to stay

Several residential hotels have been developed in Jaflong for overnight stay or rest. Seats can be rented in hotels in Jaflong at different prices.


Jaflong Zero Point is a place on Bangladesh-India border. Since this is a sensitive area, you need to take extra precautions. The border cannot be crossed in any way. And to climb the hill of Jaflong you have to prepare yourself mentally. Physical strength is also important. But you have to be strong all the time. All in all have a pleasant trip.

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