Japan’s most powerful passport in the world, Bangladesh 101st

Japan’s most powerful passport in the world, Bangladesh 101st

The world has come to a standstill due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Sitting at the airport waiting for the flight with passport in hand to travel is just a memory at the moment. Meanwhile, many countries of the world have started to re-lockdown to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.

Some countries have already relaxed restrictions on international flights. However, it is reported that corona vaccination may be mandatory to board these flights.

Even though the entire world has come to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, like every time, the ‘Henley Passport Index’ has published a list of the world’s strongest and weakest passports.

Henley Passport Index, the research division of the International Air Transport Association, has published this list considering the availability of travel documents and hassle-free visa process for all countries of the world. CNN reported that the new list did not take into account the ongoing temporary restrictions on global travel.

Japan has retained the top position in the list of world’s strongest passports in 2021. If you have the passport of this Asian country, you can travel to 191 countries without a visa or on arrival visa. For the fourth time in a row, Japan has retained the reputation of having the strongest passport in the world.

And Afghanistan, another Asian country, is at the bottom of that list. The war-torn country is ranked 110th in the ranking. A total of 26 countries can be traveled to without a visa or on arrival visa with an Afghanistan passport.

But there is no good news for Bangladesh. In this year’s list, Bangladesh’s position has fallen three steps behind last year’s 101st position. Along with Bangladesh, Iran is also at the 101st position. If you have a Bangladeshi passport, you can travel to 41 countries without a visa / on arrival visa.

Like last time, Singapore has retained the second position. South Korea is in the third position with Germany in this year’s list.

Unstoppable UAE

UAE ranks 16th in the list of strongest passports of 2021. One can travel to 173 countries visa-free/on-arrival visa if the country’s passport is in hand. In 2006, the country was ranked 62nd. At that time one could travel to only 35 countries without visa/on arrival visa with UAE passport. This is the incredible rise of the UAE in terms of having a powerful passport.

Countries with passports in the top five rankings

1. Japan (191)

2. Singapore (190)

3. D. Korea and Germany (189)

4. Finland, Spain, Luxembourg and Italy (188)

5. Denmark and Austria (187)

Passports of countries that are at the bottom of the ranking

106. Somalia and Yemen (33)

107. Pakistan (32)

108. Syria (29)

109. Iraq (28)

110. Afghanistan (26)

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