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Kashmir is known as the paradise of the earth. The Mughal emperor Jahangir was so fascinated by this that he compared Kashmir to heaven. There is nothing new to say about the appearance of Kashmir. Everyone who likes to travel has a latent desire to visit Kashmir at least once in their life. Every year many travelers from across the country flock to this paradise state of Kashmir to be captivated by its boundless beauty.

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Places of interest in Kashmir

The whole city of Kashmir is like a paradise state, the horizon is a game of white snow in the middle of high mountains. There are many places to see inside the state. And another beauty is waiting a little outside the city. However, for the convenience of tourists, the names of some notable places are given below:

Srinagar: The first thing that catches the eye in Srinagar is the snow-white snow on the top of the hill. There are Mughal Gardens, Tulip Gardens, Hazrat Bal Mosque, Dal Lake and Nagin Lake. It would be nice to rent a car and see the city of Srinagar for the whole day. The floating town of Ardal Lake is also worth a look.

Gulmarg: Just 52 km away from Srinagar is Gulmarg, a vast expanse of green grass, which is covered with snow all year round. Here you can see Gondola, Golf Course, Baba Rishi’s Shrine, Afarwat Peak, St. Mary’s Church. In addition to cable cars, you will enjoy paragliding in Gulmarg.

Pahelgam: You can take a taxi to Pahelgam, 96 km away from Srinagar. If you go between July and October, you will see apple orchards on both sides of the road. There is so much to see. With a little time, you can see everything in a good way, such as: Lidar River, Betab Valley, Chanderwari, Aru Valley, Dhabian, Kashmir Valley Point, Kanimarg. You will enjoy horseback riding at Pegelham View Point. Be sure to visit Baisaran, also known as Mini Switzerland.

Sonamarg: Beautiful valleys and springs can be seen at Sonamarg, 42 km away from Srinagar. Here is the Thajian Glacier. You will also see the Indus River. There are opportunities for sledging, snow bikes and horseback riding.

There are also some places in Kashmir that are a little far from the city, perhaps unknown to many, but seemingly good. For example, Martand Temple is a Hindu temple built in a different architecture, 64 km away from Srinagar. Here is the shooting of a famous song from the movie “Haider”. Kokernag is a small town with fishing facilities. There is a combination of wood nuts and apple orchards in Chhatpal. You can also go to places like Nubra Upatakya and Dudhapatri.

When to go to Kashmir

Other places like Kashmir are a place to be enjoyed by those who are thirsty for travel at any time. However, at certain times, the beauty of Kashmir is captured in a special way.

Summer in Bangladesh is April to May of the English year, which is said to be the best time to visit Kashmir. During this time there are flowers all around, especially tulip flowers.

The autumn season in Bangladesh is a little less snowy from September to October. However, various types of fruits are available at this time. Especially apples and Chinese nuts will be seen this time.

And as winter, from December to February, there is only snow and ice all around Kashmir, with snowfall. And so if you go to Kashmir at this time, you will see a strangely beautiful view of the surroundings. However, extra caution is required when traveling in winter.

How to go to Kashmir

You can go to Kashmir by plane, train or bus. If you want to go by plane, you have to go from Delhi to Delhi first, then from there to Srinagar. Then drive from Srinagar to Kashmir.

Again, in case of train, first you have to go from Dhaka to Kolkata. There is Maitri Express to Kolkata. You have to get off the train at Kolkata and then travel 35-36 hours to Jambu. There are two trains from Kolkata to Jambu called “Himgiri” and “Jambu Tawai”. Three days a week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) at 11.50 pm the Himgiri train departs from Howrah in Kolkata for Jambur. And Tawai travels daily from Howrah to Jambu, but it takes more time. In that case, if there is no hurry, it is better to go to Himgiri. Then after 8-10 hours tour from Jambu you have to go to Srinagar. From Srinagar you will reach the dream city of Kashmir by car.

In case of bus, first you have to take Greenline, Sohag or Shyamli transport from Kolkata to Jammu and from there reach Srinagar and drive to Kashmir. If you wish, you can take a “domestic flight” from Kolkata to Jammu or Srinagar. However, in that case the rent will be a little higher.

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Travel expenses to Kashmir

Non-AC sleeper fare from Kolkata to Jambu by train is 2200-2500 rupees and in case of AC the fare is 3300-3500 rupees. However, if a group of 7-8 people goes to Kashmir, the cost will be a little less. In that case the fare from Jambu to Srinagar will be 600-700 rupees per person.

In case of flight from Kolkata to Srinagar the fare is 12-20 thousand.

If you go by bus, the cost per person will be 1800-2000 rupees, to go from Dhaka to Kolkata. But there is another way to reduce the cost if you can cross the border to Kashmir. Cross the border and take a local bus to Kolkata and from there to Jammu, Srinagar and then Kashmir.

But all in all, if the cost of accommodation and travel can be reduced a little, then you can visit Kashmir in 30-32 thousand and do a little better shopping.

Where to stay

You will find several hotels in Kashmir to stay. The rent will be between 1000-1500 rupees. There are also several hotels, resorts and houseboats to stay in Srinagar and Jambu. Among them Hotel Jamrud, Hotel Jahangir, Grand Hotel are notable. Room rent is between 1200-2500 rupees for two people.

However, if you want to stay in a good tourist area, there are several houseboats near Dal Lake in Srinagar. Such as Prince of Valley, Young Morning Star, New Zealand House Boat. However, in that case the cost will be almost double than other hotels. Again, if you stay in Pahelgam’s cottage, the cost will be less if you market it yourself.

However, in this case, instead of booking online, it is better to go to Kashmir and book a hotel in the city you want to stay.

Where to eat

Don’t forget to go to Kashmir and taste all kinds of fresh fruits. Mutton Biryani from Kashmir is also famous. Ozwan (a platter of various foods), Kashmiri kebab, mutton rogan josh, mutton, cheese chaman, potato dum, pickled eggplant, Nadru Yakhani are famous here. And the taste of Rafiq Cafeteria’s kebab and kulfi is also like sticking to the mouth.


Jambu has a lot of dry fruits available at low prices. And saffron is also especially famous here. Jambur Raghunath Temple is also well known for shopping. Here you will find Kashmiri things. However, when buying pashmina shawls from Kashmir, you should check the price. Because the price of good pashmina is the lowest but 3000 rupees. So many people can give fake and bad things by saying low price. From Pahelgam you can buy various jewelery, bags, coin boxes and show-pieces for girls. And if you go to Kashmir, you will find various spices which will undoubtedly come in handy for culinary lovers.

Kashmir Travel Tips

  • The cost will be less if you buy a plane ticket 1-2 months in advance through a travel agency.
  • Going to Kashmir in winter must be prepared for winter.
  • It is better to take a little time trip in Kashmir. In that case, if you take 5-6 days, the trip to Kashmir will be successful.
  • In Kashmir’s tourist spots, some flatterers take money by showing temptation to talk about increasing the fun of traveling. So spend money by checking yourself well in advance.
  • A good idea is to cross the border and go to Kolkata and then to Kashmir, it will also see Kolkata and the cost will be less. On the way back, you can also visit Ladakh.
  • Know the money online and the rupee rate and exchange the money in rupees beforehand.
  • Do the bargaining before buying anything because the price of everything in Kashmir is a bit higher for outside tourists.
  • Kashmir food has a lot of spices so eat with a little understanding.
  • Here all the shops are usually closed after 8 pm.
  • Travel tax of Rs.500 / – should be paid at Sonali Bank branch before traveling to Kashmir.

Kashmir Wallpapers - Top Free Kashmir Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

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