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Kolkata To Dhaka Bus Service, Ticket Price and Other Information

Kolkata To Dhaka Bus Service, Ticket Price and Other Information * Welcome to kolkata! the 7th most populous city of India and the capital of West Bengal on the eastern bank of the Hooghly river. The Kolkata city is very popular all over the world as the center of economy, study, art and culture of East India. Kolkata has become quite popular among Bangladeshis too. Not only for travelling,a large number of people come here for medical, shopping, study also. Without enjoying the beauty of the sights of this historic city, your travelling to Kolkata would remain incomplete. Nehru Children’s Museum, Indian Museum, Oxford Bookstore, Botanical Gardens, Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Princep Ghat, along with its numerous tourist places, which will give you the full enjoyment of Kolkata. * There are so many bus services providing a safe journey from #Kolkata To Dhaka by road directly. Both AC and non AC are available

Kolkata To Dhaka Non-AC Bus Service

Bus Name Amount Contact
Desh Travels 900 TK BDT Contact
Shohag Paribahan 900 TK BDT Contact
Royal Coach 900 TK BDT Contact

Kolkata To Dhaka AC Bus Service

Bus Name Amount Contact
Green Line Paribahan 1900 TK BDT Contact
Desh Travels 1600 TK BDT Contact
Shayamoli Paribahan (NR) 1900-1700 TK BDT Contact
Shohagh Paribahan 1800 TK BDT Contact
Royal Coach 1200-1500 TK BDT Contact
Note: All the information updated last 2020. So any change for company due to Covid-19 or others reason will not responsible DhakaTo website. But we will ensure that we will update quickly as soon as possible. Thank you. For dhaka to kolkata bus service you must carry valid passport and visa.

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