Lal Shapla ceremony at Bugail Bill in Sylhet

Lal Shapla ceremony at Bugail Bill in Sylhet

Shaplaghera Bugail Bill of Goainghat Upazila of Sylhet is now a new possibility for tourism. The location of this bill is on the south side of Gahra village of Goainghat upazila. The Gahra Bugail Bill under the Chotkhel Mauza of West Jaflong Union of Goainghat is now going to be placed in Prakriti Kanya’s bosom. Currently, there are numerous Shapla flowers blooming all over the bill. This is a wonderful scene.

The location of this large bill is on the west side of Goainghat-Radhanagar-Jafflong road. This Shapla state can be reached in just five minutes by vehicle or by walking from there by getting down at the Gahra Yatri Chawni on the main road connecting with the upazila headquarters. This information was given in a report of UNB news agency.

Tourism officials said that if the bill is passed, another new place will be registered in the tourism management of Goainghat. When tourists and visitors start walking, tourism-oriented businesses will expand and local people will benefit from it. For the nature-loving travelers who come to enjoy the natural beauty of Sylhet, Jaflong, Bisthakandi, Ratargul can be recognized as one of the most attractive and beautiful spots in Lal Shapla.

Going to the surface, it was seen that there are millions of bees on the bill. A red color is spread over the entire bill. The morning golden sunlight enhances this beauty several times. Among them, you will see various types of birds including Buck, Pankauri, Sand Goose, Dahuk, Kora, Shalik. Birds diving to catch fish and flying in flocks is another fascinating sight.

Ali Ahmad, Nizam Mia, Abdul Karim, Siraj Uddin and some locals of Gahra village said that this bill is colored with red bee throughout the year except for a few days during the dry season.

Union Parishad (UP) member Jasim Uddin said that millions of red roses bloomed around the bill. Small boats can be used to cruise around the perimeter of the bill. Especially the fun of going around this bill by dinghy boat is different.

Goainghat upazila executive officer (UNO). Nazmus Saqib said that the government is sincere in developing the potential of tourism. Realistic multifaceted development plans adopted by the government are being implemented in this sector. We are trying to make any sightseeing place within the geographical boundaries of Goainghat a tourist and tourism friendly environment. He also said that initiatives will be taken to make this place attractive by visiting the ground.

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