Lalbagh Fort/ Lalbagh Kella – One Day Tour Plan in Dhaka City

Lalbagh Fort/ Lalbagh Kella – One Day Tour Plan in Dhaka City

Located in the old Dhaka’s Lalbagh area on the bank of the river Buriganga in the southwestern part of Dhaka. Although Emperor Aurangzeb had planned to build a Lalbagh fort, his son Yuvraj Shahzada Azam started construction of the Lalbagh fort in 7 AD. In the beginning, Lalbagh Fort was named Aurangabad Fort or Aurangabad Fort. Later, after the death of Iran Dukhat Paribibi, daughter of Subedar Shaista Khan, in 6 BC, he stopped building the fort. Aurangabad area was renamed as Lalbagh in the 5th.

Along with the name of the area, the name of the fort was changed to Lalbag Fort. Lalbagh fort has three gates but two of them have been closed. As you enter through the gates, the magnificent garden fills the mind. As you enter the path straight ahead, a mausoleum is erected to commemorate the daughter of Shaista Khan. The tomb is square and each arm measures 20.2 meters in length. The marble mausoleum is unique and has an artificial dome wrapped with copper sheets on top of the original mausoleum. Also worth seeing are the Lalbagh Fort Mosque, beautiful fountains, some more tombs and cannons used in the war.

Admission Ticket Price

Children below the age of 5 years do not need any ticket to enter Lalbagh Fort. Domestic visitors have to spend 5 rupees per person to enter the fort and foreign tourist charges 5 rupees per ticket.

Schedule of visits to Lalbagh fort

For full day and half day of Lalbagh on Mondays and Mondays respectively. The castle is closed. Lalbagh fort is also closed on all special public holidays. Schedule for visits to Lalbagh fort varies between time and month.

The months of April to September (summer)
Sunday weekends off , Monday 2:30pm to 6pm, Friday 10am to 6pm (Break 12:30pm to 2pm)
Rest of the week 10am to 6pm (Break from noon to 1pm to 1:30pm)

October to March (in winter)
Sunday off weekday
Monday from 2:30pm to 5pm
Friday 9am to 5pm (Closed noon to 12:30pm – 2pm)
Rest of the week 9am to 5pm (Closed noon 1pm to 1:30pm).

How To Get To Lalbagh Fort

Gulistan Golp Shah’s Shrine With TEMPO In India One can go to Lalbagh Fort. Located in Shahbagh Bangladesh National Museum. There is a special bus service to visit Lalbagh Fort from the front. Apart from this, rickshaws from New Market and Gulistan of Dhaka can be easily accessed at Lalbagh Fort by renting rickshaws of Tk.

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